California Love!

January 25, 2008

Martin Luther – Super Nova

Glad he didnt drive off of the cliff, but even more excited about the music! Martin Luther has been one of my favorite artists since I first heard “Daily Bread.” Hopefully, he has a new project in the works and this song will be included. I wish more artists were this determined to get new music to the masses (read: D’angelo, Maxwell) Make sure you pick up his previous albums, “The Calling” and “Rebel Soul Music.”

One Response to “California Love!”

  1. Millyramma Says:

    EleCtric guitars are Sexy and this dude is a sexy Beast. I’m gonna stage a civilian arrest for this madness. Daily bread is such a watered down version of how great his ish really is. I mean jeez. If you’re a listener of Rock (maybe Queens of the Stone Age) you MUST listen to “The Instrument Repair Shop”. It is off the chain, it wicked, it sell off, it Done di Place…simply put. I can’t even focus on this, the song is HoTT. It’s amazing how a splash of profanity w/ a dollop of Electric synthesizers add 1/2 cup of guitars gets u Amped. Super Nova is a cool track, but once again, just the tip of his SexyManlyMusiCapabilities. I wonder if the powers that be’ll allow him to drop his edgier work? Like “Soul Assasinator” is so Soulful, hence it’s appropriate name. I agree people, give him a listen. I doubt it greatly that you will be disappointed. I’m good to go for the rest of the day!Maaan, those guitars…

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