Tonight’s News! Donnie w/DJ Rahdu… I Know It’s Late (My Bad)

January 25, 2008

1-25-2008 It’s time to float on Cloud 9 with Donnie and DJ Rahdu performing tonight at Club Quincy’s. 1000 John Roger Drive / Doors open at 9PM/ $10/ 205-838-7500 for more info.

In the meantime, check out this mini-mix of Donnie’s Daily News album by DJ Jamad

One Response to “Tonight’s News! Donnie w/DJ Rahdu… I Know It’s Late (My Bad)”

  1. Millyramma Says:

    It’s great that you peeps are all about bringing a lttle substance to the Ham. I used to see him perform on BetJ but had never seen a video nor heard him on the radio so; I’m excited! Of all the artists who say they started singing in church, Donnie is one who really doesn’t even have to drop that line. You hear it in his music through and through. The GospelEsqueSoulVibe resonates in his voice, which places him in his own subset of the NeoSoul scene. If he performs “Heaven Sent” i’d give him some cookies, But if he does “If I were You”, I may have to leave to go bake him some brownies…***Can u spare change, to make a change?***~on my way to the bank, gotta get some change. Peace

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