Songs I Wish i Could Play When Im DJing…

January 28, 2008

…sounds crazy, but, err, um, ahhh, down South where i hail, if it doesnt have that bottom or if it’s not “familiar neo soul” you’re likely to lose your weekly gig.

One song I’ve loved since I first heard it on VH1 Soul is Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals – Fight Outta You from their Lifeline album. Recorded and mixed over 7 days after a 9 month tour engagement with no computers or pro-tools, they deliver an offering thats great for a night of solitude or a getaway for two. You’ll enjoy this simple affirmation, though, that Ben Harper sings to funky keys, pounding drums and, of course, his guitar.

Next up, is another track I’m thankful to VH1 Soul for, “I’ll Be Waiting”. Waiting is the lead single from Lenny Kravitz’s upcoming (2-12-2008) album Time For A Love Revolution and is a slight return to his 1992 album,”Mama Said.” The song begins with a simple piano lead in, and is swiftly followed by drums and Lenny crooning. A guitar driven love ballad, Lisa Bonet look out!!!

I may actually have an opportunity to play songs such as these in Bham though, and not lose my residency. There’s a new event that’s coming together as i write this blog, The Latte Lounge. More details to come…

Erykah Badu’s album, New Amerykah, out 2-26-2008

One Response to “Songs I Wish i Could Play When Im DJing…”

  1. Millyramma Says:

    Good luck w/ that sir! But maybe you need to have faith that Bham will claim it’s soulful sound. Or maybe the chosen ones need to create a venue for the airing of the Rahduisms you wish to bless up the place w/??? I’m just saying. We can only complain about things for so long? *until then, keep the familiars coming, lol. u need to eat!*So me and bass guitars go waaaay back, we’re like This son!*middle & index finger intertwined*. So I’ve always kinda dug Ben Harper, I like his NonCommercialAbility…more Longevity!…LOL, Lisa Bonet! good joke. In non-music related news they’ve been hangin out lately, and their daughter’s the carbon copy of Lisa. {sorry} Anywho, this video is so BeAutiful! It appeals to the tortured souls, speaks to solitude, and the “”I’m the one who really loves you””Ness in life that everyone mumbles under their breath to that significant other they don’t want to admit is significant. Once again, I wish I had a drum set. That’d have been noisy as a kid, but I’m sure I’d be productive w/ it now?? No, you don’t think so? K, cool. *kicks rocks* But for real though, this is one video that never ruined the song.The Piano; beAutiful, sexy, thoughts of walking down some European cobblestone path comes forth w/ the serenity that it brings to mind. Youtube it…So aside from the fact that the tracks from Erykah’s new album are on fire, I’m digging the art. Can I discuss art here? Clearance please… the Ankh is very relevant to her as we all know (LBoogie too). But I’m interested in the other things in her hair, there’s a satellite, plane, lily, handcuffs, and a blackpower fist… plus I think red polish is the new transparent! I want to know the back story/relevance, but then again you probably want to know the relevance of my comments, so oh well…OfFtoPicIm listening to this wicked CurrentlyUnNamedJoint… it my friends Is the shizNit [Latte Lounge, wherever you are, you’re needed]PeAce

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