For those who can keep up with the productions of Madlib, (he has albums out under about 15 aliases) this one is for you. The man puts out like an album a week, literally. The past month I’ve been hearing new tracks from another Otis Jackson excursion off of the Jackson Conti album, Sunjiho (Kindred Spirits 2008). The combination of Jackson Conti – Madlib (Otis Jackson Jr.) and Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti the funky drummer of Brasilian jazz group Azimuth came together for the legendary Brasilintime sessions produced by photgrapher/director extraordinaire B+ from Mochilla. The result is a classic album of Brasilian jazz and funk not to be slept on. Check out this link on Okayplayer (the video is also on myspace) of one of the JC sessions. Release date is June 3 so pick this one up.

Still in it to win it,
Junior Star

Check out the single (also on Myspace), Barumba. Enjoy.