Free Music Lessons Anyone?? Check out

July 15, 2008

Yes you heard it right…you can learn pretty much any instrument – strings, woodwinds, percussion, piano, guitar, you name it…for FREE. The fam and I have had the pleasure of attending some of the drum classes, sitting in on a piano class, and looking forward to the string and woodwind classes. All I can say is if you’ve always wanted to learn or brush up on an instrument here is your chance. Locations are at the historic Carver Theater, Cave 9 and a few other locations in the Birmingham area every Tuesday-Saturday (please see website for days, times, and locations).

From their website

Scrollworks’ mission, as a non-profit organization, is to offer quality music education for children in the local community regardless of their ability to pay, with a focus on minorities and the under-served areas of Greater Birmingham. We fulfill this mission by providing a truly unique learning environment wherein the student guides the teacher to their greatest area of interest and in turn the teacher adapts to each individual child’s learning style.

The emphasis is on youth music education but all ages are welcome. So, brush up that old trumpet and slide on by..

3 Responses to “Free Music Lessons Anyone?? Check out”

  1. Jeane Goforth Says:

    Thanks for the mention. Glad your family is enjoying our program!

  2. Ms.Beatkonductah Says:

    yes yes yall. they are some really nice people with a heart and passion for what they do. Big shouts to John @ Scrollworks for sure…yeah Im try’na brush up on my chords. LOL Much love DJ Juniorstar and Rahdu!

  3. Damian Says:

    Nice blog overall!

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