Coming to a Dollar $tore Near You…

November 19, 2008

If you know me, you know that I haven’t been the staunchest Common supporter since he began to apologize for making Electric Circus. In addition to that, his subsequent albums lack the energy, creativity, focus and ferocity of Like Water for Chocolate or Resurrection. In most conversations, the rebuttal to that statement is “Well, Be and Finding Forever were good.” You know what, you’re right. They were just that, good. We have to hold these artists up to higher standards and not applaud them for making albums that the guy down the street is making. Why not, they have the money behind them and if the MC Kool-Aid from Ensley album sounds just as good as a major label product then there’s a problem!

Enough of that rant, I am happy to drop on you this gem from the former Sartorial Sap (before he got a stylist) about his new album, Universal Mind Control.
“…Check me out on the website, y’all can get the whole album for 99 cents the day the album is released, y’all can’t beat that, my music is priceless. [Laughs]”

Yeah, Common, I had to laugh at that too. Check out Common, on this MC battle classic, back when he used to stomp a hole in MCs chests for real!

Common – The Bi+ch in You

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