I was visiting Myspace one day WHEN SUDDENLY…

November 29, 2008

…I received a friend add from Mike Bean (Montgomery, Alabama). I didn’t know if he was someone who listened to the DSXXX, a singer, a rapper or what. I went to his page to see if there was any dope to be found and sure enough, I find a producer who’s laying down some heat. Im greeted by a chopped up version of one of my favorite Marvin songs from his What’s Going On album and the last song in the player is a tribute to Dilla. Who says all cats from down South are BAMAs? Check him out, his beats will make their way to DSXXX, so keep your ears peeled. Speaking of Alabama producers, I have to give a shout out to another Alabama super beat maker, Supreme.

Speaking of DOPE, I saw a blog entry from Tiombe Lockhart, followed it and ended up at her new band, Cubic Zirconia‘s Myspace page. I saw the title for the first track in the player and chuckled (yes, I chuckled) to myself, I Wanna Freebase You it read. IWFY is smart, funky, dark, electro rock and the genius continues with the second tune in the player Fu(k Work. Always daring and always on point, Tiombe doesn’t disappoint as she continues her post PPP compositions. Me: Singing, “Smoke your love raw/ It numbs the jawwww……”

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