Missing Loofa :(

November 29, 2008

I have to start this one by giving props to DenaKali from the Sugar Shack, she did a blog on a song from this album, Tell Me a Bedtime Story that initially peaked my interest. Without even searching for it, later that week I found this album used for 5.99 on CD.

I’m Gonna Miss You in the Morning features Patti Austin, a pre-1978 Luther Vandross, and Tom Scott on Lyricon. I mention the year because this was after the self titled, Luther (1976), and This Close to You (1977)were released, albums that were not commercial successes and Luther is still operating in session singer, background vocalist, and songwriter mode on this Quincy Jones produced gem. When I heard the song I immediately opened the CD insert to see who the jazzy male vocalist was because SOMETHING sounded familiar about him (lol). In this session, Luther sings with a huskier voice, not in his higher register, as we’re most familiar with but that precision and musicality come off making this a joint that will definitely make an impression on you.

Patti Austin is no slouch, of course, and Tom Scott played the stank off of that Lyricon during his solo. Annnnd we all know Quincy is a genius and this is just another testament to that fact.

Quincy Jones; Luther Vandross; Patti Austin – I’m Gonna Miss You in the Morning

Luther Vandross also sings on Takin’ It to the Streets on this album which was probably like a 1978 The Chronic. Additional Players include Ashford & Simpson, Chaka Khan, Hubert Laws, Herbie Hancock, Eric Gale, Gwen Guthrie and Ralph MacDonald.

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