The Ipod Chronicles 001

December 30, 2008

The Gravediggaz – Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide
When I first saw this video, I was a huge Wu fan and of The Rza in particular. I immediately went and got the cassette (right, cassette). I think before I actually bought it I found out that it was a collection of artists who were previously signed to major labels, most notably Prince Paul and Frukwan from Stetsasonic. This album was good but the second one stayed on repeat in the ride
BONUS: EuGene McDaniels – Jagger the Dagger
I initially heard this song on Tribe Vibes Vol.1 (samples that ATCQ used). I bought the album from Dusty Grooves. When I Heard The Gravediggaz joint, it reminded me of this.
Lou Donaldson – Whoa Making Love?
The dude on the organ is killing it and they sure make it fun to ask if your woman is sleeping around, don’t they?
Ashford & Simpson – Any Street Corner
I ran up on this one in a FUNK compilation. It immediately makes me move
Large Professor – Ijuswannachill
Undeniable! I remember this one from back in the day. I was listening to a DJ Jazzy Jeff mixed CD and heard it and it brought back the memories. This was actually on a project (simply titled The LP) that never saw the light of day. I was able to get my hands on the 12”. Yes!
The Notorious B.I.G. – Dead Wrong
I was in college at this point and really on some music snob isht at this point. I was still an East Coast head and loved Biggie, but don’t know why I couldn’t get into this song. The lyrics were dope. I guess I felt they were dogging Biggie by releasing his lyrics posthumously. I still don’t own the third Biggie album (or any subsequent manifestation).
D’Nell – The Best Way
I bought this one in Chicago from Dusty Groove while I and my wife were there because I was in my friend’s wedding. We drove there from Birmingham so you know it was a long drive. I remember when this one came on because it commanded the head nod, but I was thinking, “This is slow”. 70 BPM, yet this is what they’re dancing to now, though, and slower
Norman Connors – You Are My Starship
I had probably heard this song a million times before (I don’t recall though). I had a friend that worked at Starship Music in Fairfield and she used to hook me up with music. At this point I was heavily into samples and saw this on a Double Album CD that contained Saturday Night Special/You Are My Starship.
Maysa – Never Really Ever
I got the latest album from former Incognito songstress and never listened to it. Don’t know why, probably the bulk of incoming music. When this one came on, I was impressed and have made notes to listen to this album. This is nice, eh, eh?
Marley Marl – Big Faces
This one hit when the BBE producer albums were the ISHT! Marl’s contribution wasn’t anywhere as good as Pete’s or Dilla’s but it had some gems such as this one on it.
Rebirth – This Journey In
This one reminds me of the old Digital-Djs days. DJ Melodic was really into this one. What’s up guys? I still see y’all in Cyberspace. Anybody talked to Saskwatch?
Freddie Hubbard – For Spee’s Sake
Wow, Freddie died today. RIP, all the giants are just dropping. This was from when I first got into jazz and was ordering mad CDs from BMG and Columbia House in bulk, Lol. Freddie Hubbard is the man but I prefer his CTI stuff, which is funkier than his Blue Note offerings.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Blacknuss

Im still learning more about RRK, who was a great pioneer and musician. This song was sampled by Digable on their first album.
Bah Samba – Have You Got Your Bootz On?
I cant recall how I found out about Bah Samba, probably from D-Nice at Moods (Atl.) or from following Phil Asher remixes. This is a funky get your boogie on number with a disco feel, reminiscent of Salsoul Orchestra.
Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson featuring The Midnight BandOffering
“First Minute of a New Day” is another one that I own but have never listened to. I like the recurring bell. A bluesy, sexy number that makes me want to check out the rest of it. Putting the album on my ipod now.
Jazz Addix – Say Jazzy
I found out about Jazz Addix from someone else’s playlist. I thought it was a cool name, and hunted down their album Oxygen. This is one of my favorites for the intricate sampling. Can you name where the vocal samples come from?
The Roots – I Remain Calm
When this album first hit, I couldn’t tell which emcee was Malik B and which was Black Thought. I woulda never thought that Malik B would leave. I purchased this album after I heard a girl in my Marketing class in high school get excited about the bonus track with Ursula Rucker. Proceed was released as a single shortly thereafter and 9 albums later I’m still a fan (barely).

The Ipod Chronicles Vol 001
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1. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely
2. Erykah Badu – Bump It
3. PPP; Eleuud – Try Me
4. PPP – Fever(DJ Spinna BK Banger Remix)

…::Waajeed Interview Pt 1::…
5. Waajeed & The Jazz Katz – I Want U

…::Waajeed Interview Pt 2::…
6. PPP; Tiombe Lockhart – I Got You
7. Slum Village – Star
8. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez la Femme
9. Greyboy – To Know You (PPP Remix)
10. Brand New Heavies – Dream Come True
11. Eric Roberson – She Couldnt Hear Me
12. Nas – These Are Our Heroes
13. Chic – Good Times
14. Ahmaad Jamal – Superstition
15. Little Brother – Whatever You say (The Maxwell Mix)
16. Peven Everett – One More Time
17. Remy Shand – Looking Back on Vanity
18. Bilal – Something To Hold On To

DSXXX Interview with Waajeed (2006)
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Enter The Elgins Temptation’s last album to be written and produced by Norman Whitfield(R.I.P.), 1990 (recorded in 1973). This album caused more of a stir behind the scenes than it did in sales (there was only one Top 40 Hit, Let Your Hair Down). The Temptations were unhappy with Whitfield’s socio-political songwriting, personality and production (which at times focused more on instrumentation and less on their vocals). 1990’s Zoom clocks in at 13:18 with a little less than half being instrumental and vocalizing. Motown was also involved in a disc jockey boycott (can you imagine that nowadays?), which caused DJs to refuse to play Heavenly, which is a shame because it sounds just like its namesake.

Norman Whitfield was eventually replaced as The Temptation’s producer and subsequently left Motown with Rose Royce (who backed The Temptations on this album) in tow, but not before creating an album filled with gems, I Need You being one of which contains that classic Temptaions’ sound. I Need You benefits from the Temps golden voices, primarily Damon Harris’ tenor/falsetto (Damon grew up admiring Eddie Hendricks, who he replaced in the Temptations), Henry Garner Jr’s (of Rose Royce) drum breaks and Norman Whitfield’s stellar production which sounds like Superfly era Curtis Mayfield.

The Temptations – I Need You

Early Holidays from BLS

December 22, 2008

Karma Stewart – The Karma EP
Today PPP & release the new EP from PPP’s starlet Karma Stewart, The Karma EP. For those who don’t know, Karma is an up-and-coming singer from Austin, Texas now living in L.A., whose best known (so far) as the voice of PPP’s latest single, “On A Cloud.” After the success of “On A Cloud,” some people tried to pigeon hole Karma as a “throwback singer.” While Ms. Stewart definitely has some classic Motown grace and gospel-tinged strength behind her voice, with this EP she presents a few alternative sides to the story with a sound that she describes as “experimental with an edge of funky soul.” And according to her, even this is “just a taste of what I’ll be bringing to the table.” Produced by group founders, Waajeed & Saadiq, and mostly written by Karma’s fellow cast member, Coultrain, The Karma EP is definitely a PPP family affair. The 4-track CD was originally sold at PPP shows all across Europe this fall – but now Karma & PPP have decided to give the EP away for free as a preview of both Karma’s upcoming album, and more immediately, PPP’s second album, Abundance. Click on the EP Cover to get the tracks and if that’s not enough, visit Kenny Fresh’s liner notes interview with Karma as well as three bonus tracks – including a live cover song, a collaboration with St. Louis rapper Wafeek, and a selection from the PPP “On A Cloud” Remix Contest from Tayreeb.

MeLo-X – Mustafa’s Renaissance
DJ/MC/Producer MeLo-X has released a mixtape, Mustafa’s Renaissance. Most of the tracks off the tape were produced by MeLo, and it also features appearances from Nikki Ntu, Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Mickey Factz and more. Click on the cover to download. Tracklist in the comments.

Now can I get that Vinyl Killer?

1. Jermaine Jackson – Where Are You Now
2. Coultrain – Green
3. Stateless – Falling Into (swell Session’s Mix)
4. Donnie – Rocketship
5. Jazzanova; Vikter Duplaix – Soon (DJ Jazzy Jeff Mix)
6. Peter Hadar – Need Love
7. Lenny Kravitz – What Goes Around Comes Around
8. Big Brooklyn Red – Sexual Healing
9. Olivierdaysoul – Spaceship
10. Tortured Soul – Home to You (Chuck Love Mix)
11. Jazztronik – Warp
12. Peter Hadar – Planets

…::Peter Hadar Interview Pt 1::…
13. Peter Hadar – Too Fresh
14. Yarah Bravo – Cum Shots
15. Omar – Natural Mystic

…::Peter Hadar Interview Pt 2::…
16. Kanye West – Say You Will
17. Peter Hadar – Xplosive
18. Soulpersona; Replife – Memory Lane (SoulP’s Original Mix)

…::Peter Hadar Interview Pt 3::…
19. Peter Hadar – Laugh Together
20. Sly & The Family Stone – Mother Beautiful
21. “88 Keys”; Bilal – M.I.L.F.
22. Dela; Kev Brown – The City at Nightfall(D’Sxxxd Up Mix)
23. Brittany Bosco – 8-Trak
24. Tony Ozier; 14 Kt – Do u Agree
25. John Robinson; Peter Hadar – Mascot
26. Shin-Ski; Erykah Badu – Savanna Soldier (D’ Sxxxd Up Bump This Mix)
27. Jazzanova – L.O.V.E. and You & I
28. India.Arie – Get it Together
29. Ras G – J…..B……

DSXXX Interview with Peter Hadar
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MORE: Here’s the Alternate Version of Peter Hadar’s Watermelon. We posted the original version with production by Nicolay HERE. Let us know what you think!

Peter Hadar – Watermelon (Alternate Version)

The Realest? I’m not sure, but is it good, innovative & sincere? A resounding YES!
Brittany Bosco is quickly gaining listeners and comparisons to some of your favorite artists. This is not an easy task, of course, and Brittany deserves these comparisons AND carves her on lane as well. The Spectrum EP flirts with many genres and never chooses a suitor. Brittany’s choral and orchestral training are apparent as her voice ranges from soft and soothing to rough and bluesy. To describe this album, I would have to mention her current major at Savannah College of art & Design:Fashion. Brittany Bosco’s The Spectrum Ep has mad style to spare so make sure you check it out!

I was able to speak with Branden M. Collins (graphic designer) and OferReal? (producer) about their contributions to The Spectrum EP. These two, along with Brittany Bosco, Alex Goose, Kid Syc and Danny! make up TheBigUp! Collective. Check them out now because you’ll definitely be hearing more from them in the future.

The Big Ups on The Spectrum EP & Brittany Bosco’s Black & White

Click on The Image Below to get The Spectrum EP, so that you can virtually look like this
Check out DJ Rahdu’s Interview with Brittany Bosco on Soulinterviews.Com Coming Soon

Click on the cover above to get this mixtape featuring all new songs from 1/2 of Floetry

01. Intro
02. Sunshine (feat. Little Brother)
03. Dat Shit (feat. Busta Rhymes)
04. R.I.P. (It’s Over)
05. Murdah (feat. The Game)
06. Forget About You
07. Get You Right
08. Impossible
09. Cloud 9
10. I Lost You
11. Interlude (Some Type Of Way)
12. Co-Star
13. Start…Finish
14. Take Care

SWAC Soul Lounge 12-13-2008

Hey hey hey BamaLoveSoul family! So you ask me:”Go2-Girl, how was the SWAC NeoSoul concert?” Well let me tell you in three words: WON-DER-FUL!!! Yes, people, with a line-up like Carl Thomas, Dwele, and Marsha Ambrosius (1 half of Floetry) you just can’t lose and if you missed out….shame on you and give me back your neosoul card! Alrighty, the show starts off with Joe Clair (you remember him from RapCity in the 90’s right??) actually being quite humorous. He held it down with some jokes here and there in the beginning, between musical acts, and the end. Now to the meat of this whole review.

Carl Thomas was up first…he didn’t hesitate to get started and deep into his set. I’ll tell you, for a 45min set he puts on a very intense show! You could really tell that he’s in this music thing for the love of his fans. Some of the tunes he performed were: Make It Alright, The Baby Maker, Emotional, Summer Rain, and (the household favorite) I Wish. Now one thing that had us all baffled during his set was this robust woman kept coming out on stage playing the butler role by handing Carl a towel, picking up his towel if and when he dropped it, handing him another towel, picking up his towel if and when he dropped it, and…you get my drift! Come to find out, that was his sister…awwww! Employing family members can be a cool thing but at least let them know to NOT come onstage every other second! Other than that, Carl’s set was good.

Second up was Dwele (my main reason for even showing up!!) Let me say this: I’ve been down with Dwele since I heard his vocals on Bahamadia’s BB Queen, a great ep I might add. Anyway, Dwele’s set was phenomenal…people told me after the show that they enjoyed his set very much! They came there to see Carl Thomas and left Dwele fans which made me smile so much inside because that dude deserves some shine! The songs he did: Flapjacks, Find a Way, A Pimp’s Dream, Cheatin, and ended his set with Feels So Good. Dwele interacted with the crowd by getting off the stage and dancing with a few ladies…and yes I was one of them! Dwele’s show was intimate and groovy; a great show. I’m only sad that his set wasn’t longer, but that’s just my biased opinion. 😉

Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Marsha Ambrosius aka the songbird from the group Floetry. She’s doing her own thing now and doing it sexy! Her voice makes you think of making love no matter what song she sings. Super talented songstress and songwriter, she brought a certain flair to the concert that couldn’t have been attained by anyone else. She sang Butterflies, Say Yes, Sunshine, Getting Late, and (one of her own songs) CoStar. Her set was jam-packed with love, old school hip hop, and just all around good times! She’s standing alone, yet standing strong! She’s now signed to the Aftermath label so be on the lookout for her! All in all, I enjoyed myself immensely and would definitely pay to see them all again. Also, check out these artists’ myspace pages and support them…if we don’t support then who will?? Go2-Girl ( out.


December 16, 2008

the crew has been good, so can we get this for the holidays?

The name of this nicknack is Sound Wagon or Vinyl Killer. It’s a cool little Hot Wheels-type van that actually drives around your record and plays music out of a self-contained speaker! It’s got big rubber wheels, an internal motor, and a stylus on the bottom that holds the van in the groove and tracks the music. Watch the van drive to the middle of the record in slowly descending curves, and hear it play the record while it makes the trip!

Just so you know, this isn’t a hi-tech item that’s going to replace your stereo. It’s got a tiny little toy speaker on the top — and it sounds like a toy speaker — but it’s plenty cool. You can find it here!

I’m happy to share this series of mixes and compilations with the BamaLoveSoul massive. I’ll be posting these once a month, with the first mix, Alma Elétrica, an Afro-Latin house joint that has some classics on here that you may be familiar with. I dropped these mixes a while back and now I’m posting them on BLS to get everyone “up to speed” lol.
Play this one with a couple of glasses of wine..

Junior Star

Alma Elétrica – Export Series Podcast #1
1. Raoul Walton – Heaven
2. Banda Favela – Samba de ile (waiwan_broken_remix)
3. St. Germain – Latin Note
4. Beanfield – Catalpa [Beanfield’s Sub Sect Remix]
5. Le Groove Eclectique – Awa Band – Timba
6. Teddy Rok Seven – Askaa! / Feel (feat. Okou)
7. Cesaria Evora – Bondade E Maldade (Yoruba Soul Mix By Osunlade)
8. Osunlade – Carib’s Leap [West End Blue Mix] [Instrumental]
9. Troubleman–Toda Hora (feat Nina Miranda)
10. Tom & Joyce – Queixume (masters at work mix)
11. Willie Bobo – La descarga del Bobo (MAW remix) –
12. Truby Trio – Galicia_(Zero dB Remix)
13. Hanna Hais – Rosa Nova
14. Suba – Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Zero_dB_Remix)

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