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January 31, 2009

My man Applejac adds some delicious house flavor to Jesse Boykins III’s Itis. Look out for more remixes from Applejac and visit his blog for great dj mixes. Make sure you pick up The Beauty Created if you havent already. Support the Artists!

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Boykins III – Itis (Applejac’s Sounds of Mecca Remix)

MORE: Check out this JBIII’s video for Pantyhose which is quickly gaining mad media attention!

…::Sounds Dope::..

January 29, 2009

Duane Powell returns with Sound Rotations Episode 4. Get your fix of the latest & greatest HERE Artists include Jesse Boykins, Mabanua, Brittany Bosco, Kissey Asplund and more!

You gotsta get this one by Theophilus London! I heard two tracks off of it so far, TNT and Cold Pillow and love them. get the mixtape HERE

Q-Tip returns with a remix from one of my favorite hidden songs on the album. Never one to roll solo, he brings a posse along consisiting of Bus-a-Bus, Raekwon and Lil Wayne

Q-Tip; Busta Rhymes; Raekwon; Lil Wayne – Renaissance Rap Remix

Another dope album from Quincy Jones, created 2 years before I was born. As usual he’s assembled an all star cast AND this album served as the introduction to The Brothers Johnson and Patrice McWilliams. If the latter’s name sounds familar, she was a background singer for Luther Vandross and Big Brooklyn Red mentioned her in his interview with me HERE.

Patrice McWilliams serves as the lead vocalist on the title track, Mellow Madness. The track isnt as mellow as it is sexy. Maybe it’s the words and how they’re repeated; you know phrases like “So Good” and “Do it” or maybe it’s Louis Johnson laying down some slow, slinky bass or the ethereal keys. You be the judge

Quincy Jones; patrice McWilliams – Mellow Madness

…::Dope Sounds::…

January 29, 2009

Once I posted Grace, it brought back memories of some of the old Digital-Djs days…and an ureleased mix by OG DDJ, DJ Melodic. This one is named Karma Soultra. There’s no tracklist, but this was dope then and is still dope today.

DJ Melodic – Karma Soultra


If you enjoyed Turn It Up, Lyrisis have dropped another gem on me, The Blessings. This is another great track from the sisters. I’m really excited about their upcoming album! If you enjoy their sound make sure you vote for them in in ABC 33/40, Heinz and Herd Records’ Original Artist contest.

Lyrisis – The Blessings

What can you say about Waxmaster C the man who joined monotone emcee, Guru, in 1989 to create a hybrid of Hip Hop by merging it with jazz as well as pioneer a style of scratching vocal samples in the chorus of songs while in the group Gangstarr? You can say a whole lot actually, and these 3 cats want you to hear their take on the man regarded as one of the top 5 producers in Hip Hop.

Focus; Phonte; Royce the 5’9″; Stat Quo – Homage To Premier

1. Believe
2. They Were Lying
3. Do It All Again

DJ Rahdu One on One with Ayah

1. Kwan the Alabama Poet (T.A.P.) – Grace Intro
2. Diargi – Emocional
3. Seek – Rise
4. Mecca’s Groove – It’s You Hustle (Hustler’s Theme)
5. Little Brother – Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix)
6. Laurnea – Sun Don’t Rain w/9th Wonder & Spectac Instrumental
7. Dwele – Lady Love
8. Yesterday’s New Quintet – Golden Lady
9. 5 Point Plan – Damn
10. DKD – Brighter Day
11. Vikter Duplaix – I Got You
12. Alison Crockett – UR (Yam Who Remix) w/ Kev Brown – Can’t Stay Away Instrumental
13. Zero 7 – Distraction (DJ Spinna Remix)
14. Queen AAminah – It’s Love
15. Shihan – That Type of Love
16. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There (9th Wonder Remix)
17. Moss – Retread Lightly

Rahdu of the Digital DJs presents Grace
Download/Get Podcast Here

shouts out to Fahamu Pecou on the artwork!!!

…::Sounds Dope::..

January 28, 2009

Dj DviousMindZ :I just want to say thanks to all that have listened to the singles and showed interest in the project. Shout out to all the bloggers posting out music. Jo well and I are definitely going to drop another E.P this year, I’m also dropping another E.P next month with my artist MNfrm so I hope all of you show the same support to him as well! Thanks for your time and thanks for listening. ” Cop the album HERE

Toya from Lyrisis (Bham, Al) hit me this morning and told me that the duo had a new single and that she was going to send it to my email. 7 Hours later I received Turn It Up, and believe me you’ll do just that.

Lyrisis – Turn it Up

Fields of Grain return wth their 2nd EP, Black Box. They describe their sound as “…some kind of alternative electronic soul music and the blend doesnt quite sound like anything we’ve heard before.” The duo consisiting of Aron Lamm and Alva Dahl have been together since 2007 and says this EP was put together in the Winter of ’08 and represents the direction they’re in now. Pick up the Black Box EP on their myspace page!

Fields of Grain – End of the Unfinished

This 1980 manifestation of The Bar-Kays created a funky gem with As One. Open Your Heart sees lead singer, Larry Dodson, getting his Philip Bailey (EWF) on…and he sounds darn good doing it too. Check this out!

Bar-Kays – Open Your Heart

1. 88-Keys; Serius Jones – Quit Playing
2. Hazadus; I.G.Off; J-Treds; Kwest tha Mad Lad; Thirstin Howl III – Bathroom Cipher
3. Truth Enola – Ill Love
4. Black Star – Thieves In The Night

…::88-Keys Interview Pt 1::..
5. Ra Ra Riot – Winter ’05
6. Schoolz of Thought – It’z Going Down, Now (Feel Good)
7. Mos Def – Love

…::88-Keys Interview Pt 2::..
8. Fonzorth Bentley; Kanye West; Andre 3000 – Everybody
9. Musiq; Bilal – Dontstop
10. J-Live – Don’t Play
11. The Pharcyde – Choices
12. Tanya Morgan – ThreeMcees

…::88-Keys Interview Pt 3::..
13. Lykke Li – Little Bit
14. 88-Keys; Phonte – Close Call
15. Talib Kweli – Right About Now
16. Mos Def – May-December
17. Consequence; John Legend – The Incredible Hulk
18. Scratch; Ciph Born; D-Ruck; Flo Brown; Spontaneous – Sumthin’ That U Missin’
19. Musiq – babygirl
20. 88-Keys; Tanya Morgan – Cuddle Bums
21. 88-Keys; J Davey – Dirty Peaches
22. 88-Keys; kanye West – Stay Up (Stoney Rock Remix)
23. Imagination – All Night Lovin’

DSXXX Interview with 88-Keys
Download/Get Podcast Here

MORE: Someone asked why i used “some ol’ jazz song” at the end of interview part 1. Watch 88-Keys turn “some ol’ jazz song” into Mos Def’s Love

Honey Love

January 25, 2009

I’m really late on this one, but it’s a great addition to any DJ set, especially as a segue into a reggae set. You can pick it up at ParisDjs.com. “The recent soul/hip hop classic “Honey” by Erykah Badu gets the Grant Phabao reggae rework treatment to make it an instant reggae soul classic, sounding as if it was an original recorded 30 years ago in Kingston and the 9th Wonder production was the remix… “

Erykah Badu – Honey (Grant Phabao Remix)