In My Headphones: ‘Magic Man’

April 27, 2009

Ever just “hear” a song before? Not listen, but hear? You may the artist, or the beat but you’re really not paying attention to what they are saying for whatever reason. Your brain just doesn’t connect the lyrics to the rhythm. But the left catches up with the right eventually, and when that happens it’s like an epiphany. I had that tonight.

While messing around with my new mixer scrolling through my recent downloads for new music to mix I came across a new song by the Rapper turn sanger turn back rapper and obscenely expensive shoe designer Martin Louis The King Jr. ‘Magic Man’ is from the upcoming compilation ‘G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night.’ When I first heard it I was just glad Kanye was rapping again and good, so I cued it up. But when I actually listened to it, I was amazed. No its not a great song, but its a cool one and worth a listen. Kanye along with Malik Yusef, and Common, tell the story of domestic violence in a creative and intersing way that I haven’t heard since ‘Love Is Blind.’

Just focusing on Kanye, I think this is him at his best; really going in and dropping knowledge on the track, something that has been lacking in his flow since ‘The College Dropout’ he’s definitely the standout. And if he continues down this path, I can’t wait to listen to more.

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