Late Pass #5: Fleur Earth Experiment – Skurreal

April 28, 2009

The label describes Skurreal as “Minnie meets Madlib in Cologne” which is what grabbed my attention. I’m certain this is because they use Riperton’s Les Fleur as an interlude (En Bouton). I erred to caution and checked them out further online; I wouldn’t describe their music that way, but can definitely see the influence. Released in 2008, Skurreal is a 12 track journey into German, yes German soul. The amazing thing, which many of us already know, is that soul sounds the same all over the world. I’ve always loved foreign soul tracks because it goes to show just how much the words are pointless overall. The vocalist, Fleur Earth, sings and at times brings a hip hop flow. The band consisting of bass, keys, guitar and drums are great in bringing great soundscapes to this album that is a steal at just 14.99 on CD and 15.99 on LP at Dusty Groove.

MORE: Their new album, 2009’s Soul de Cabot, is also available at Dusty Groove on LP. The CDs have currently sold out. There is definitely more growth on this album and you can find the band doing shows with bands the like of J*Davey overseas. Muse Bist from Skurreal is currently playing on the frontpage of BamaLoveSoul.Com towards the end of the compilation.
Check them out on their website and on myspace

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