Finale – A Pipe Dream And A Promise prod. by Oddisee

April 30, 2009

With somber horns, courtesy of the legendary Allan Barnes of the Blackbyrds, and sentimental keys, Oddisee’s production sets the perfect backdrop for Finale on “A Pipe Dream And A Promise” as he provides listeners a mirror into his mind and an explanation into the meaning behind the title of his album. Finale raps, “My mother, my grandma, my grandfather, my brother/ My sister, my girl, my landlord/ The fans, and my compadres/ I promise the world to y’all and come up short/ Every time; my chase ain’t over.” By the time you get to the chorus, with Monica Blaire singing “Thank you, for believing in me,” it becomes clear Finale is holding nothing back as he details his struggles and motivation for success. As Finale himself says, “What’s realer than that?”A Pipe Dream And A Promise is now available everywhere.

Finale – A Pipe Dream and A Promise

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