BamaLoves New Music Pt.1

May 13, 2009

I’m not even gonna front, I haven’t listened to any of these mixes YET.
I am, however, thoroughly excited about listening to each of these though. It’s so great to see such an abundance of music being released in such short periods of time. In addition to these mixes, there are some great albums that will be released shortly from: Zap Mama, Choklate, Mos Def, Quetzal Guerrero, Yahzarah, DJ Mitsu the Beats and Eric Roberson to name a few. I remember a few years ago we were complaining about there not being enough good music out there, and now it seems like there is an overabundance. This is largely due to artists beginning to take a DIY approach to the music, to their as well as our benefit. I say to their benefit because they get more control over their sound and receive less pressure from labels. The benefit to the listener is, of course, the preponderance of music that we are able to share with you here at BamaLoveSoul and other kindred sites. One of the most anticipated albums next month is undoubtedly J Dilla’s posthumous album Jay $tay Paid, which was overseen by Ma Dukes and Pete Rock. Not only does this mean more music from Dilla, it gives hope that it will be done the right way. The Beat Junkies give us a sneak peek into this album with their promo mix which I’m sure will be the first thing I check out. Also on the hip hop tip is Joell Ortiz, 1/4 of the emcee supergroup Slaughterhouse. The cover to …Covers the Classics alone has me anticipating how it sounds, which from what I’m reading on the blogs is DOPE! I’ve been checking for Prefuse 73 AKA Guillermo Scott Herren or vice versa for awhile now. He’s one of my favorite producers; He can create the soulful hip hop beats yet he’s never afraid to take you to the left. You never know what to expect from him and Sleeping on Saturday and Sunday Afternoon is no exception. Make sure you pick up his latest album, Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian as well. Last but not least, we have Amanda Diva, who admittedly isn’t one of my favorite artists BUT i was reading an article on her in SHOOK magazine where she says her inspiration for Spandex, Rhymes & Soul were groups like J*Davey, Radiohead and Little Dragon (at the request of Q-Tip). So hopefully, I will join the throngs of her fans after this one. So join me in downloading/listening to these mixes and leave us a LOVE NOTE and let us know what you think of each one…good or bad. Pt 2. coming sooner than later. BTW, Click on the album cover for the links!


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