I’ve been seeing this around and finally got paid decided to pick it up. M64 consists of vocalist Ragen Fykes and producer and emcee Ohmega Watts. Another Recordbreakin joint so you know it’s dope. My favorite on the 7″ is the title track. Moovmnt posted In the Pocket and you can check that out HERE. Also check out FRESHselects for more tunes/downloads from Ragen Fykes!!!

M64 – Rhythm of the Drum

Guilty Simpson an Acquired Taste? Nahhhhh! Well, at least not for me. I’ve been a fan since Don’t Nobody Care About Us. Press play and watch him grab you at the first line. Guilty Simpson = my favorite Detroit spitter.

Guilty Simpson – Acquired Taste

When I saw the RecordBreakin headphones on this album I knew it was going to be official…and I wasn’t let down AT ALL. Dotmatic‘s The City album is the stuff that STILL makes me nod my head and give passersby the ugly face. He opens the album by giving props to Dilla and this song reminds me of a Love Movement, Dill-era, ATCQ joint. I can just hear Tip flowing over this one. The whole album is dope, filled with jazzy hip hop instrumentals, so make sure you cop The City which is available as a physical and digital release!!!

Dotmatic – William Baskerville

Kurious’ album II drops tomorrow. The album had some nice gems, and is similar to Grand Puba’s Retroactive with its 90’s Hip Hop vibe. My favorite joint is Benetton which features MC Serch, MF Doom and Kadi Amin. Listen below and pick up II tomorrow!

Kurious – Benetton feat MC Serch, MF Doom and Kadi Amin

MORE: Peep the video to Sittin In My Car

This is it WHAT Luchini pouring from the sky, lets get rich WHAT. blah blah blah blah something something and get lit WHAT. I think everyone knows that song or at least that hook. And that’s about all of the music that anyone probably remembers from Camp Lo. Not exactly one hit wonders, they’ve consistently been making music since the days of Luchini which was actually apart of a pretty good album Uptown Saturday Night. But they haven’t really been on my radar since then, that is until I heard this track. Capitalizing on the summer buzz and flippin’ the same Sylvia Striplin sample that Junior Mafia used on ‘Get Money’ Camp Lo has captured my interest again. With nice headnodding lyrics and a smooth hook provided courtesy of Tyler Woods, this is sure to be the next Camp Lo Track to remember.

Camp Lo ‘Summer Love’
I must admit, as a general rule, award shows don’t do it for me any more. I used to get excited about the AMA’s or the VMA or even the BET Awards but the truth is, in the era of youtube, seeing your favorite artist perform isn’t the rarity it once was but seeing your favorite artist on an award show IS a rarity now-a-days. This year was the exception. Because of the loss of Michael Jackson, and the fact that BET announced that this year’s award show would change gears and be a “tribute” to MJ, I made sure I made it home in time to tune in to the 2009 edition of BET’s Award show. If you watched it, you probably already know where this is going…if you didn’t, allow me to hold your hand while we stroll down memory lane.
First of all, let’s talk about “the red carpet”. How does CNN have better coverage of BET’s red carpet than BET? I’m watching Pleasure P [of Pretty Ricky fame] tell me how he’d love to be some woman’s sloppy seconds while Don Lemon is interviewing Pappa Joe Jackson! WTF?!?!?!? This was my hint that maybe the producers and executives at Viacom’s “black sheep” my not have placed the proper importance on what could have been considered important to Michael Jackson fans…but let’s see how deep the Rabbit hole goes.
What a great start! The complete group New Edition with Bobby Brown & Johnny Gill is on stage doing what they do best! I’m dancing, singing and am so looking forward to the rest of the show!
Jamie Foxx is a true talent. Let me say that. He comes out in every “young” MJ outfit he can find starting with Beat It! Hilarious! The 30 foot moon walk attempt…classic tv. From this point, there were some really good parts & some definite highlights…but I’m not hear to talk about the the “good” stuff….
I love Soulja BoyTell’em…for what he’s accomplished and not so much for his music (even though it can be quite catchy *slight admission*), but just because you got on a MJ t-shirt don’t make it a tribute performance. I KNOW this kid can dance…we’ve seen him “superman ho’s” all over the nation! I would have really enjoyed watching Soulja Boy with any one of those Jamie Foxx outfits on and dancing to Billie Jean or something. Have some fun with it and pay homage to the greatest…but alas…he turn’t his swag on and off and jumped on the bed he had rolled out on stage. This would have been an over-lookable offense but this was the top of a steep hill of “wtf moments” we were beginning to roll down.
Beyonce did good to me. She sang Opera. She was graceful, she was beautiful but she didn’t change one thing she had planned to do in honor of the man that was being “honored”. She did thank him when she picked up her award but her performance…well, it was all Beyonce and no MJ. I ain’t mad at her but she’s like the biggest female star in music right now…it would have meant a lot to her fans and maybe more importantly the the hurt family that made it out, to see someone of her stature, do something special in Michael’s honor…but maybe it’s just me.
So now it’s time for Jamie Foxx’s performance featureing T-Pain. Like, when T-Pain was in the jewelery store did he just pick this necklace charm out or did he have it made…hmmmm, I wonder. “Big ASS Chain”…WTF was he thinking? How coon-a-licious of you. People who don’t “normally” watch award shows, partially because of sh!+ like this, will be sure to continue to watch now! How impressive! A rapper using autotune with a “Big ASS Chain” on…how can I be down?
Jay Z was good, the O’Jays were great, Keisha Cole and Monica looked and sounded nice, Trey Songz was too timid, Johnny Gill over sang (as usual), Tyrese represented and Don Cornelius got really old when we weren’t looking. And who ever’s job it was to control the “5 second delay” fell asleep at the switch…all night. Maxwell had on a really nice suit and made the ladies swoon and Jamie “moist”and then… the Drake, Lil Wayne & friends performance complete with really young “women” surrounding the ACL-less Canadian. Note to performers…”just because you toss in a “give it up for mike” in the middle of a misogynistic, vulgar, offensive, egotistical, self-promoting song don’t make it a tribute to Michael Jackson!”
I was on twitter and facebook the entire show and was glad to see that I wasn’t alone in my feelings. Last week I heard a friend of mine say the revolution is being “cell-o-vised” [i.e. cellphones with social networking]. I hope that it is and that we can influence the powers that be (major media conglomerates) to get better or die. Let’s not let this be THE only major tribute from our people, by our people distributed by Viacom…
I’m Thed Weller and I approve this message.

If you don’t know anything about the Curtom record label, I can tell you this much. The first 4 letters comes from its founders first name, Curtis, as in Curtis Mayfield. LeRoy Hutson got his start singing with The Mayfield Singers which included Donnie Hathaway with whom he co-wrote The Ghetto! Hutson II is his fifth album and is filled with the live instrumentation that is regrettably missing in today’s music. I Think I’m Fallin In Love is just ONE of the great examples of the lush instrumental bedrock of the majority of the songs on Hutson II which was arranged & produced solely by LeRoy Hutson. He also plays
the Steinway Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet & Synthesizer on this project and sings of course. Dope, dope album…if you see this one laying around, Pick it up, Pick it up!

Leroy Hutson – I Think I’m Falling In Love

Honestly, I haven’t listened to this in it’s entirety yet, but what I’ve heard so far is worthy enough to share. With throwback beats a la Dilla… tracks paying homage to Jay Z, Gangstarr, & De La Soul, and vocals from Ledisi, Farrah Burns & iRala; Chester made a good one. Annnd it’s for the free free! It’s a nice set really, and it flows nicely. It might be the soundtrack to your summer. It’s throwback babeee!

Download Breakbeat Karaoke pick up his album, In Search of HIGH Love HERE

When I got this track in my inbox I was a little geeked! I’d never heard of The Very Best, so I searched and searched and finally found something good here! Found out that they’re a duo, Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit. [I was sold b/c of the the latter’s name and Had to check it out!] lol. I’m a day one fan of Theophilus, and I trust his collabos, so I figured it’d be good. I also found another site that had a link to their mixtape and thought I’d share. The track is pretty catchy, and if you’re into the BLK JKS you should dig this track.

The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa feat. Theophilus London

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Everyone seems to have caught on to super underground group Little Dragon waaaay after their album was released in 2007. So I am happy to be able to let everyone know that there is a new album scheduled for August 2009. Here is a track from their first single from the new album. Go HERE to hear Fortune and for the downloads, yay! Shouts out to Trees for Breakfast

Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs