Vinyl? Check! #32: Sharing IS caring

June 14, 2009

My homie, J Finesse, came through yesterday and was raving about this album from the infamous David Ruffin. I’m sure we all agree that the album cover is fly and know what magazine it is a mock of. Ok, now back to the music; At 8 songs long, containing bangers such as I Wanna Be With You and Slow Dance, it’s the final song, Don’t You Go Home that got me. It’s got that fonk, yes fonk, on it and has D.Ruff in a Bobby Womack mode and you’re nnot even ready for the breakdown at 2:43. I wonder if he sang this to the girl he was roughing up in that The Temptations movie

“You make me feel so Hongry/I can’t let you go
I feel so doggone greedy/ I wanna hold you some more
Just fill me with your love until I’m satisfied dahlin
If you leave me now/ I’d break down inside”

Enjoy the sheer pimpiness of Don’t You Go Home below

David Ruffin – Don’t You Go Home


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