Nice soulful house from Atjazz! This makes me miss nights out at an old Birmingham house music haunt, The Juniper. Ah, the memories…Enjoy!

Atjazz – I Forgot You (Fred Everything Lazy Remix)

Mark De Clive Lowe sez, this is “something very special from the LA underground featuring artists from Sa-Ra, Suite for Ma Dukes, Breakestra alongside MdCL and more… put your cosmic free jazz headphones on…”

ArtDontSleep’s AM Sessions Los Angeles is bubbling right now, ArtDontSleep, amongst many others, has been championing this blossoming sound for the last 5 years. Giving artists a place to freely create, innovate and build with one another. No distractions, just music. This is the first of many Jam Sessions to come.Thank you to Blu for lending us his studio to do this right.From the June 16th 09 jam there are 5 songs that have been chosen for free release. This is the first of the bunch. A spontaneous 25 minute rendition of “A Love Supreme”. The next round of releases will have vocals featuring, Zap Mama, Nia Andrews, Novena Carmel and Neha Kent. For now, enjoy this small offering.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Viola
Todd Simon – Trumpet
Andres Renteria – Drums, percussion
Pablo Ygal – Electric guitar
Shafiq Husayn – Juno, drums
Mark de Clive Lowe – Keys, mpc
Computer Jay – Rhodes, keys
Brian Martinez – Acoustic bass, electric bass
KenBts. – Effects
Benjamin Tierney – Recording engineer, mixing engineer
Azul213 – Photo

Various ArtDontSleep Artists – A Love Supreme

This third album, Come As You Are (1976), by the storied singer/songwriter /producers is a testament to their abilities in each of those fields. However, there is one sing that I enjoy the most, the funkiest song on the album, Sell the House. It’s got that Motown feel to it, although this album was released on Warner Brothers. Check it out

Ashford & Simpson – Sell the House

Addendum: The more I listen to this album, the more songs I like…glad I ripped this from the vinyl. To the iPod you go!

DJ JS-1 – Murder

June 26, 2009

DJ JS-1’s latest release, a 21-track, 40-plus guest-featured onslaught of hip-hop, turns to a violent page for the track “Murder.” Chino XL, Sean Price, and Killah Priest each lay down a verse over a beat that blends old school West Coast bumpin’ with a new school dark consciousness. Even the rappers, in the midst of their own braggadocio rhymes, give it up for the ferocity with which JS creates this groove. Chino XL raps, “First of all if may / Explain the many ways JS will murder a DJ the way I murder wordplay / Hip-hop is dead, in a state of dismay / I desecrate you favorite emcee while JS digging in the crates.” By this point, anyone can tell that JS-1 is killing it.
JS-1 had this to say about the track: “This was a beat I had recorded a demo track on with my friends, but I knew Chino would kill it! He did, and then I got Sean Price and Killah Priest next. We kill phonies with words and scratches, but judging by Chino’s biceps, he might strangle a few people here and there too! I like that all of these emcees have been known for their ‘I don’t give a fuck, I’ll say what I want to say’ attitudes. I am kinda like that myself, and I can relate to that aggressive style. I’m quick to call out cornball djays, so I love a good braggadocios.”
Pick up No Sellout HERE

DJ JS-1 – Murder feat Chino XL, Sean Price, and Killah Priest

MORE: DJ JS-1 Live on Regis & Kelly

On Losing Michael Jackson”such a sad reality as we lose one of the most celebrated artists of our time..he will be missed and remembered for the great influence he delivered”~Osunlade Ceo Yoruba Records

Osunlade – Michael Angel

Frank Nitt, well known as half of Detroit duo Frank’n’Dank, has recently been hanging out in L.A. with John “Illa J” Yancey, younger brother of legendary producer James “Jay Dee aka J Dilla” Yancey. As Delicious Vinyl readied the release of Illa J’s Dilla-produced debut LP Yancey Boys last year, Frank started playing Delicious Vinyl boss Michael “Mike Floss” Ross a smattering of new tracks.
“Frank’s incredibly prolific,” says Floss. “He was playing me songs he’d recorded in the past six months, and when I heard ‘Love‘ I knew it was a song I wanted to put out. Combining Terrace’s sparkling West Coast sound with the perspective that Frank brings as a native Detroit MC, topped off with a beautiful hook by J.Black and you got yourself a party starter. The song is also getting major mixshow play on west coast stations like LA’s Power 106. The fact that this cut is for the ladies just shows we got our priorities straight!”
Floss isn’t the only one to fall in love with “Love.” When producer Terrace Martin played the unfinished song to West Coast legend DJ Quik, Quik quickly volunteered his mixing and mastering skills as well as contributing a verse to the finished version. Because sometimes you can only beat the heat with more heat. Though it helps to have a swimming pool too. Pick up the single HERE We let you check out L.O.V.E. HERE a while back, listen to the flip side Hollywood below.

Frank Nitt – Hollywood feat Bad Lucc

One of my earliest childhood memories was going to some kind of event as a toddler with my mother. I didn’t know what it was at the time, just that my mother had taken me to some dark place with what looked like a million other people and they were all screaming and yelling. I had no idea what was happening, but was amazed by it all. Then high on the ceiling there was a projection. It was a sparkly white hand pointing, and the screams got louder and louder and even though I was so young and probably at that point covering up my little ears from fear of going deaf I knew I was in the midst of something special. Like everyone else I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, I mean HUGE. I was the neighborhood kid that walked out of the house wearing a red and black Member’s Only leather jacket and one white glove. And I got the childhood photos to prove it, but I’ll never show you! I spent hours upon hours trying to get my Moonwalk down and I was mesmerized by Moonwalker.

While other kids my age were afraid of Thriller I sat up waiting for MTV to play it again and again and when the Black or White video came out I danced along with the extended version, crotch grabs and all. I may have banged on some cars too. Sufficed to say I loved Michael Jackson, just like the whole world loved Michael Jackson. This is a melancholy time for me. Every generation has their idols that that they look up too and Michael was one of mine. He was simply put a genius. His catalog and range was spectacular, he didn’t know how not to make a hit song or give a eye popping performance. He captivated everyone with his talent and was truly the King of Music. And say what you want about the controversy surrounding his life, that’s not up for us to judge. I just pray that his spirit is resting in a better place now, and his legacy will forever live on in the world.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson ‘Got To Be There’
Figuring out what the boy Lushlife is all about isn’t a piece of cake. With a look more Vice Magazine than The Source, a production style that sounds like DJ Premier chopping up Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, and a flow to make you think there’s a VERY worn copy of Illmatic in his past somewhere, the Philly emcee/producere isn’t easy to pin down. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? A perfect example of these intersecting aesthetics, “In Soft Focus” takes a pastel-colored golden-era-influenced beat with a sample taken from lo-fi indie rock champ Ariel Pink and fuses it with Lush’s own flow, and then goes for the win with a verse from rising star and Slum Village member Elzhi. Sound too ambitious to work? Not on your life.

Lushlife – In Soft Focus feat Ariel Focus & Elzhi

Get to Know Reggie B

June 25, 2009

SINGER & PRODUCER Reggie B is one of THE most underrated soul artists around. This Topeka, Kansas born Kansas City, Missouri resident represents true quality. Call it Future Soul, we call it Now. Reggie B has two new releases on INnatesounds: Get Down With Me and Musical Joyride. Enjoy the taste of his vocal side on Get Down With Me, and Spread the word about his instrumental project Musical Joyride. Support and consistent play from great DJs such as BBC’s Benji B, Gilles Peterson, Jay Scarlett + more.Don’t be afraid to get on board. These joints ARE as good as you think they are. Reg is the man, listen to theses tracks from his latest albums and you’ll agree!

Reggie B – Real Love (from Get Down With Me)

Reggie B – Beregged (from Musical Journey)