D.Black – Keep On Going

July 1, 2009

D.Black, a Seattle, Washington-based emcee, is proud to announce the release of Ali’Yah. The album, D.Black’s sophomore effort, which features production from Jake One and Vitamin D, will be available September 15 via Sportn’ Life Records/MYX Music Label.
For D.Black, an emcee many first heard on the track “God Like” from producer Jake One’s White Van Music, that defining moment is now, and it comes in the form of the emcee’s sophomore album, Ali’Yah (Hebrew for Ascend). Praised for his polished rhyme flow, D.Black’s new record, and the sound he self-describes as “deep-rooted soul with heavy slapping drums,” will help define him as an emcee and a person. D.Black says, “I began recording a different album almost 2 years ago. In the midst of creating that album, I realized it wasn’t for me; I was making music contrary to my inner person. Ali’Yah captures me in the midst of a spiritual journey that has altered my way of being even in my physical life.” The result, an album inspirational both musically and conceptually, is finally ready.
Check out “Keep On Going” from D.Black’s new album, featuring and produced by Vitamin D. The beat was also recently taken by 50 Cent from an old Vitamin D beat CD and used for the track “London Girl,” which is featured on 50 Cent’s War Angel LP:

D.Black – Keep On Going feat. Vitamin D


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