Eternia – Nowhere No More

July 6, 2009

In Episode #5, Eternia addresses the growing requests for music in “Where’s the Leak?” & reveals how Marco Polo & Torae are directly linked to the creation of her album w/ MoSS, “AT LAST“. Torae & Eternia reminisce about the only time they performed their collab track together (“Nowhere No More” produced by 9th Wonder, from “Where I’m At – The Setup”). Marco & DJ JS1 speak on why timeless music is worth the wait, & surprise throwback footage from 2002 is thrown in the mix, just to see who’s paying attention 🙂 Over the next 6 months, eternia will release steady video & audio leaks leading up to the highly anticipated release of eternia & MoSS’s debut album, “AT LAST“. Follow them as they shop for a record deal, promote the album, and countdown to the release date. And you just never know what special guests may pop up… stay tuned!

Eternia – Nowhere NoMore feat Torae (produced by 9th Wonder)

MORE: Episode #5. Catch Episodes 1-4 at their Youtube spot


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