Never Can-a Get-a Enough MJ!!!

July 6, 2009

I hope that no one has been upset due to our comparative lack of MJ posts. It’s not that we don’t love MJ…it’s just that we know you were bombarded elsewhere with MJ posts and pictures and videos and mixes, cough check mine out here. As things begin to slow down and today being the eve of his memorial I have three things for you with the last being the most important. First, my man Fede created a nice beat inspired by MJ. Secondly, King Britt hipped me to Lildave’s ,of the IllVibe Collective, MJ mix HERE and lastly we have Applejac’s lamentations on being a music lover in a land of pseudo music lover’s. To the point, he was asked to DJ a MJ set and was yanked off of the turntables for going too deep. Here’s an excerpt:

“It does bother me, however, to think that somehow being advised to “not go too deep, just give ’em hits” is acceptable, EVEN AMONG SO-CALLED “LOVERS OF MUSIC”. Furthermore, to play an UNRELEASED tune from the “Off The Wall” album to a LUKEWARM response was really disheartening as well (to say NOTHING of the album cuts from THRILLER ya’ll shoulda known. Ya’ll should really be ashamed of yourselves). To somehow be made to feel that “this isn’t the place for THAT kinda MJ shyt”, was a huge disappointment. IF A MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE ISN’T THE PROPER PLATFORM TO PULL OUT SOME ILL SHYT, THEN WHERE THE F@CK ELSE WOULD YOU PLAY IT??? SO WHAT IF YOU NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE…IF YOU LIKE IT, DANCE TO IT, SHUT THE F@CK UP AND LEARN SOMETHING FOR A DAMMIT CHANGE!!!! “

You MUST read the rest HERE and drop my man a note and support real djs and real music. Paz!

Fede DSM – Never Can Say


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