Michael Jackson – The Stripped Mixes

July 10, 2009

Are you a DJ and haven’t done your obligatory MJ mix yet? Are you a DJ and wanna get a jump start on next years mix? Do you just enjoy stripped down mixes of songs? Then you gotta cop this, Michael Jackson – The Stripped Mixes!
The Stripped Mixes is an album of new mixes of early Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classics. One month ago, a previously unreleased stripped mix of the Jackson 5 hit “I’ll Be There” was made available on iTunes. Now the full album, Michael Jackson The Stripped Mixes is available too! Utilizing the original Motown session tapes, these new mixes strip away certain instruments and studio frills to instead focus on the essence of the spectacular recordings–Michael’s vocals and the harmonies provided by his brothers. The recordings on Michael Jackson: The Stripped Mixes shine a fresh light on Michael Jackson’s early career and are proof that his music will live forever. Listen to the album now here.

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