Robert Glasper – All Matter feat Bilal

July 15, 2009

Double-Booked” is Glasper’s third release with Blue Note Records. This album is split in two halves: the first six songs are from The Robert Glasper Trio, and the last six songs are from The Robert Glasper Experiment, which combines jazz with hip-hop.
As Glasper puts it, the album emphasizes “the different hemispheres of his musical brain on one album.”

Career-wise, this creates a constant balancing act, and on occasion literally being double-booked, appearing with the Trio and the Experiment on the same night. Such is the storyline that emerges on “Double-Booked,” with conflicting voicemail messages from Terence Blanchard and Roots drummer Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, each pulling for a different Glasper band. Thus, “Double-Booked” was born. Double-Booked will be released 8-25-2009.

Contributions from Mos Def, Bilal, Casey Benjamin, Vincent Archer, Derrick Hodge, Chris Dave, & Jahi Sundance.

Robert Glasper – All Matter feat Bilal


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