Need Something for the iPod?

July 16, 2009

The internet hs been abuzz with mixes and podcasts lately and it’s almost difficult to catch up. First up is the collaboration with Mr.Speak and the Moovmnt crew Benji B Aint’ Got Shit On Me. This hour long mix is filled with Moovmnt influenced goodies so you know it’s gonna be butter, and includes treats from eveyone such as Frank Nitt to Sa-Ra. Stay tuned for a hellagood mix from Mr. Speak in conjunction with MOOVMNT called “Cali L.O.V.E.” Download BenjiB ain’t got Shit On ME HERE (right click to save)
HVW8 is a name that I’ve come to trust. Once you include other names I get down with, such as Mark de Clive Lowe and Laurnea I know it’s gonna be official. The audio from this podcast comes from one of the highly acclaimed HVW8 Super Sessions and features MdCL on keys + an MPC, Chris Bailey on drums plus Nia Andrews + Laurnea taking turns on vocals. This is strictly not rehearsed so it takes it back to the days of jazz and improvisation. Download HERE and Enjoy!
Last but not least, is Spacek’s K7 Flavour Mix. This is from 2003 and was released right on the heels of their Vintage Hi-Tech album. This mix features cuts from Common and Yesterday’s New Quintet to cuts I dont know even 6 years later. I have many of these K7 Flavour Mixes and may post them infrequently. Check it out HERE!

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