Vinyl? Check! #38: Running Away!!!

July 26, 2009

Yesterday, I was visiting my parents and my dad was telling me about albums that they used to listen to while riding the Greyhound back in the day. Yeah, I know, straight old school! He mentioned Eargasm and told me that they used to sing this album front to back. He continued to tell me that Disco Lady was the biggest hit from the album and I remembered that I had it in the collection. I decided to surprise him and sent it to him via email, but his treat is also yours as I will share one of my childhood favorites. Running Out of Lies always got me straight from the intro; the keyboard they used always sounded so funky to me. I never knew the words, so I’m sure I used to create some in my head or just make up sounds for the words as I’m prone to do. In addition, you know I had no clue as to what he was singing about, lol. Anyway, check out Running Out of Lies and be transported to 1976, a time when you could hear music like this on the radio and on television. Those were the good ol’ days… BTW, some of the recording of this album took place in Muscle Shoals, Al!

Johnnie Taylor – Running Out of Lies


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