Mr. Duplaix dropped a sexy one to get our week going and it is very very niiice. Electric Love opens w/ what sounds like an electric guitar, then the percussion kicks into your soul. Vikter’s flow is that sexy groove that we’ve come to know & love so plug into it…

Electric Love

Download HERE

From House in the Park is an annual music festival bringing together innovative musicians, DJs, and a diverse audience in a beautiful outdoor park space since 2005. HITP provides a family-oriented atmosphere, and is known throughout the Southeast as the “MUST-attend-event” for avid fans of deep house-music, Afrobeat and soul classics, and attracts over 1,000 people. HITP is held the Sunday before Labor Day, from noon to 8pm in an Atlanta park and is open to the public.

Featured deejays: Salah Ananse, Kemit, Kai Alce, & Ramon Rawsoul

Now that you have the info, go ahead and make the pilgrimage to the “A” (for you out of towners) and have yourself what my wife calls “the funkiest, deepest, sweatiest, and most spiritual house music experiences” in the Southeast. We had an absolute BLAST last year! Highly recommended.

Sunday September 6, 12pm-8pm. Perkerson Park 770 Deckner Ave., SW. Atlanta, GA 30310

Check the link above for photos, videos, mixes and more.
I left my iPod in the house Friday night as I was rushing to DJ the Julie Dexter/Jaafar concert. Choosing not to listen to the radio, I blindly selected a CD from my Jeep’s console. It was unmarked, so when the intro began I nearly crashed my Jeep because I hadn’t heard this mix in years.

This mix was created around 2005-2006 and is a sexy soulful number featuring artists like Spacek, Cottonbelly and Silhouette Brown. Gypsy Eyes was created to be a Love Jones inspired mix, however when (one of) my external hard(s) drive died I lost the mix. Luckily there’s this CD that I burned when I initially started working on Gypsy Eyes; the music mixing is complete, but the drops/movie snippets aren’t there. There’s no tracklisting on this one because admittedly I’ve forgotten some of the tracks. Artwork by Ron.One (who also designed this site) and scratches by DJ F/X. Enjoy

DJ Rahdu – Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished)

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As I go through my day browsing the web, checking emails, reviewing pics, reading, blah blah blah; my Sunday soundtrack fills the house. The easiest thing for me to do is just choose a Genre and go w/ it. As I swayed to the aural stimulation from my jazz collection, my attention was drawn to some serious instrumental skills. I rose up and checked to see who my ears were climaxing to… twas Jiva. Didn’t even know I had them on my hardrive.

Anywho, The Love EP, released in 2003, is filled w/ ethereal sounds of captivating horns, subtle percussion, and sexy guitars surrounding soulful vocals. *think a combo of salsa, jazz & soul, free from any digital media* I haven’t heard anything from them in a while but know that they were [are?] apart of India.Arie’s band. Here’s a taste of my Sunday musical experience.

I Realized (Twilight Bossa mix)
The cats from Scotland arrived when they released AWB, their second and largest selling album! The album went to #1 on the US Hot 100 charts, fueled by the success of their single, Pick up the Pieces. Also worthy of note is the great production prowess of Arif Mardin which created countless gems for Average White band (and many,many others) and helped 1974’s AWB‘s timeless sound.

Although recorded at Atlantic, Nothing You Can Do sounds as if it was cut at Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Label. Alan Gorrie and crew’s vocals sound as sweet as anything by Curtis or Leroy and the melody of the tune is just as beautiful. Hit play on this one, close your eyes and be transported to a time when great music could actually rule the airwaves.

Average White Band – Nothing You Can Do

Another jewel from Byron the Aquarius, or as he calls it, “dope soul sh!t.” Be on the lookout for his new album, Luxury Life coming soon, which will bring us more “electro Dilla vibing music” and should have some exciting featured artists. Can’t wait!

Byron the Aquarius – Sunshine

Nailah – Sacred

August 29, 2009

While searching cyberspace for music a while ago I came across this vid of the soulful, jazz inspired, North Carolina native Nailah, singing Breathe. I liked her performance & vibe so I made a mental note about her. Fast forward to yesterday when her camp sent us a sampler of her EP; Life In Session. I’ve listened to some tracks and like what I hear so far, and as usual… Sharing is caring!


Nailah stated; “My music sounds like what it is…an expression from the depths of my being. Spirit speaking to me and through me to Itself in everything that Is.” Hope you enjoy…



August 29, 2009

I met Illastrate earlier this year at the Red Bull Music Academy and he gave me his Dirty Drum Mixtape. Immediately, it seemed, once I returned home I incessantly heard his name. First, on the critically acclaimed Black Noise LP, then with ATL native and BLS favorite Senor Kaos, on Dynas’ upcoming The Apartment, most recently with Small Eyez feat Jaspects and finally this piece he has done by himself.
Allow me to present the first in a new series, While They’re Still Here that he’s doing, dedicated to the Living Legends of our time; first up Anita Baker.

Illastrate – Be Mine

We should definitely recognize them while they’re still here. R.I.P. DJ AM
Raheem gets it in over a soulful beat on this first single from his upcoming Love and War MasterPeace double album. Bulletproof actually reminds me of some of the Urban Ave 31 stuff that initially drew my attention to Raheem Devaughn in the first place. One can only hope that THIS album is dominated by Mr. Devaughn and not his alter ego Radio Raheem. I will admit, however, that the Ludacris feature isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Love and War MasterPeace in stores later this year

Raheem Devaughn – Bulletproof feat Ludacris

Soul Persona refixes a classic Leroy Hutson tune that happens to be one of MY FAVORITES. It seems remixing ol’ Leroy must be the new thing. Check THIS out!

Leroy Hutson – Lucky Fellow (SoulP Mix)