Late Pass #24 – Freestyle Nation::Freeversation

August 2, 2009

As I partook in my Sunday Soul shuffle, a track from Freestyle Nation ‘s album Free*ver*sation came on that made me say; “I remember them!”. I paused my shuffle for a moment to listen to the entire album and remembered when their album stayed in my car on shuffle/repeat. The feel of the album was very live, creating a jam session vibe. You could feel the soul throughout the album as they discussed intimate and spiritual love. The horns were mad sexy, the guitar & bass gave the tracks attitude, and the percussion complemented each song and in a sense kept it together.

This group is near and dear to BLS b/c some of the members; PJ Morton [lead singer], Alvin “Cornbread” Garrett [on bass], Big Ed [on drums], and Jesse Bond [on guitar] have close ties to Alabama. Cornbread tours, plays with, and directed for Ruben Studdard while he was on tour… they are also from the same group Just A Few Cats based in Alabama.

We recently interviewed PJ Morton HERE, where we talked a little about the group, and his growth in the industry since Freestyle Nation. Notably, he’s a Grammy award winning writer and producer. Jesse has also kept himself busy by working, and touring with Anthony Hamilton, and Chrisette Michelle to name a few. This track I’m about to share speaks to the different elements flowing thru the album, one of my faves…

Emotions In Disguise

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