Mixes for the weekend!

August 14, 2009

I love mixes, they’re the greatest way to keep a continous groove that so many CDs lack nowadays. They’re also a great way to find out about new, obscure or forgotten music.
I figure lunch time is a great time to throw these at you and you can jam out to these all weekend. Don’t forget about DJ Bee’s Baatin/SV mix and DJ Muro’s Roy Ayer’s mix posted earlier this week either. Dig in!
1. Circle Research – Show #31 Done for Vintage Frames Company that The Moments track at the end is a BEAST
2. DJ Nimbus – Midnight Meditation But you’re checking out Club NIMBUS anyway though, right?
3. Applejac – Re Ups mixeS ranging from soul to hip hop. You just can’t lose!
4. DJ Rasta Root – The Rest of Dilla Vol.1 Rest in Peace Dilla and Baatin
5. CubikMusik’s Birthday Mix – Very Eclectic and make sure you get the mix done for Orsii as well
6. Paul Pre – Mondayjazz #101 Mix nuthin but the Niceness!!!
*Late Entry* Duane Powell – Electric Global Soul More Sound Rotations Goodies to vibe out to

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