Pseudo Slang – Myth Of The Web-Slinger

August 14, 2009

The raw jazz feel of Pseudo Slang’s newest album We’ll Keep Looking reaches its pinnacle with the song “Myth of the Web Slinger.” The track opens with a swinging, laid-back, reminiscently lounge jazz recording. As the lyrics come in, the airy drums tighten into a more natural groove, taking on this duo’s trademark hip-hop sound. Tone Atlas takes the first verse, throwing down a layer of lyrical poetry to weave in and out of the looped piano melody, setting up the theme of the song for Emcee Sick to take over.
The words speak a message of integrity and humility. Speaking to the meaning behind the song’s lyrics, Emcee Sick says, “The lyrics underscore how as a person putting yourself out there in the public sphere is in itself a somewhat grandiose thing to do, but being honest about our normalcy and admitting our weaknesses can actually be the thing that can make us the strongest in whatever it is that we do.” This message of modesty is accentuated by the overall production of the song. The track seems to deliberately avoid that extravagant, anthem-like quality that shows up in so much of today’s hip-hop. As for the name, Emcee Sick states that, “The Spider-man from the comics we read as kids was a pretty chill guy unlike a lot of other self-righteous and self-proclaimed super-heroes, so ‘Myth of Web-Slinger’ is a good title for a song that deals with the little things regular people do which seem kinda heroic.” Pseudo Slang’s We’ll Keep Looking is available everywhere now

Pseudo Slang – Myth Of The Web-Slinger


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