Always looking out for the fans, Wordsmith‘s camp dropped us a note to keep us informed… “Here’s leak #4 entitled “Season of the MC” produced by Street Level from Wordsmith’s upcoming mixtape “The Overdue & Underrated”. With his collaborative album with Chubb Rock being pushed back to next month for its “in-store” release. As always Wordsmith will continue to give his fans quality music to fill some of that void.”

Wordsmith – Season of Tha MC

Keep up with Wordsmith’s other work HERE

Y’all already know I’m a huge Senor Kaos fan! Here’s the new video, Automatic Classic from his Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything album

MORE: Senor Kaos, sez “I have a new project that will be released on September 22nd entitled “Walk Softly And Carry A Big Brick” Featuring artists: Wale, Curren$y, Bun B, Punchline, Binkis Recs, Jaspects, Stacy Epps, P.So, 4th Pyramid, John Robinson, and more. Featuring production from: Large Professor, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Jake One, 9th Wonder, Dj Spinna and more.”

Blu sez,
ItsYaBoy,FellBackForASec / ButTheOverDoseIsComing,
SlowlyThough / WeGoneStartItOffWithSomeFunTimeShit
Download HERE

Blu – DoIt

The emcee half of the Cali hip hop duo Blackalicious has waited five years for a follow-up solo release. Chief Excel will be replaced largely by DNAEBEATS, with a few tracks also helmed by Hednodic, from Gab’s most recent star collabo project The Mighty Underdogs and Crown City Rockers. There will also be guest shots from Brother ali and Del the Funky Homosapien. Gift of Gab’s Escape 2 Mars is set for a release October 27, 2009 on CD, Vinyl and worldwide digital download. Gift of Gab sez this about the albums title,
“People are gonna think this is about Martians, but it’s not,” Gab explains. “It’s more so about taking care of the planet we’re on. We might have to escape to Mars or somewhere else if we keep taking the planet we live on for granted.”

Gift of Gab – El Gifto Magnifico

The homie King Most sez, “For the past few months the name “Mayer Hawthorne” has been rocketing across the internet, from Kanye West’s blog to even Power 106 in Los Angeles. Even with all that shine I still felt the hip-hop world wasn’t familiar enough with Mayer Hawthorne and his talent. So I added some vocals from Kanye himself and the always consistent duo of The Clipse to one of my favorite songs of 2009.” Get the download HERE

Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No feat Kanye West and The Clipse (King Most Remix)

Breakstra – Get it Right

August 27, 2009

Lead by “Music Man” Miles Tackett, Breakestra is a Los Angeles institution; as reliable a source of soul-jazz grooves, fuzzed-out funk, and sassy soul strut as can be found this side of 1969. From their origins stitching together live band versions of the breaks which serve as the backbone for the hip-hop tracks you know by heart, to their current stable of original songs with enough bump to fill the hole in Eddie Bo’s bucket, Breakestra know what it takes to make the people move. Breakstra’s second full length album of original material is due at the end of September, and serves as a tribute to DJ Dusk, Miles’ DJ partner at L.A.’s Rootdown party, whose life was tragically taken in a road accident in 2007. Grab the track “Get It Right” for a taste of the flavor from Miles & Mixmaster Wolf’s latest studio throwdown.

Breakstra – Get it Right

A friend of mine sent me a new remixed JB3 track, and after further digging I discovered twasn’t new, but I was late. The Track Hide & Seek (Tehas Beans), was featured on Melo X December ’08 mixtape Mustafa’s Renaissance which apparently was a big hit. I’m on my way to downloading right now considering the fact that Melo never disappoints and thought I’d share it w/ ya’ll. Below is the trailer for the mix…

Download here

Melo-X feat Jesse Boykins III – Hide and Seek (Tehas Beans)

Happy Birthday To Alice Coltrane!

Birthday salutations to sister Alice Coltrane who would have turned 72 on this day. May her rich musical legacy continue to flourish and enlighten the world. Please click the link above to learn more about Alice Coltrane.

Journey In Satchidananda

What more can be said about Alice Coltrane? After discovering her by way of the Eternity album and research some 12 years ago, her name alone has earned my utmost respect and attention. This highly essential album (Journey…) was my first pick at the record show here in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, and after playing it, the fam and I listened to it at least 4 times back to back.

A host of musicians including Rashid Ali (drums), Cecil McBee (bass), and BLS favorite Pharoah Sanders (soprano saxophones) and others congregate to create what Mrs. Coltrane hoped would “…be a form of meditation and a spiritual awakening for those who listen with their inner ear.” On that note, I feel that her (amongst other artists) can redefine the way we listen to music, in ways where sounds and vibrations create colors, peace, understanding, etc…but that leads us into another subject/post entirely lol.

When / if you have about 11 and a half minutes to spare, enjoy this track, Isis and
Osirus, and let the harp, strings, sax, and drums take you on that long awaited
journey. Thank you Mrs. Coltrane!

Planet Soap – Kinder

August 27, 2009

Italian Beatmaker Fede returns! This time he includes his partner, Filippo, who is also a member of their newly founded group Planet Soap. Planet Soap has been heavy in the studio and you can check out more of their beats HERE. Meanwhile, nod your head to this drum heavy banger, I am!

Planet Soap – Kinder

D.Black – On the Go

August 27, 2009

Before the release of Ali’Yah, D.Black is planning the release of a free EP for all his fans, and the new track, “On The Go” produced by B. Brown, is the first offering from the EP. Throughout the track, D.Black gracefully displays his lyricism over a soulful instrumental that preaches nothing but positivity, a rare occasion in a genre too often dominated by all things materialistic. Lines such as
“Only in time will we recognize spill but in the in times will we recognize the real?” and “I wanna talk to the whole world and turn this rock back to a pearl”
showcase D. Black’s talent for penmanship, creativity and willingness to rap about life’s intricacies. D.Black’s new album, Ali’Yah, will be available September 15th via Sportn’ Life Records/MYX Music Label.

D.Black – On the Go