DJ Rahdu – Gypsy Eyes (Unfinished) Playlist

September 1, 2009

Shouts out to the graphic designer, Ron.One for locating the Playlist to Gypsy Eyes and sending it through. Here you go to those who wanted to know which artists they were listening to

1. Gypsy Eyes Intro
2. Sirius B Project – Love Has A Place in Time
3. Innervoices – slow Jam of the Year
4. Bilal – You’re All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)
5. 4th Ave Jones – Chasin’ A Dream
6. Jaguar Wright – Go to My Place
7. Silhouette Brown – Just a Little More
8. Alison Crockett – Crossroads
9. Everything But the Girl (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remimx)
10. The square Egg – ?
11. Shuman – Security Instrumental
12. Gurufish – Touch Your Body
13. Dwele – The fact Is
14. Steve Spacek – Look into My Eyes
15. kingsbread – It’s Alright
16. Boozoo Bajou – Take it Slow
17. Floetry – I Want U
18. Lina – Leaving You (Diamondsoul Remix)
19. Uncut – Midnight (waiwan Remix)
20. Jaffa – Elevator

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