Black President: Knitting Factory Records Celebrates Fela With Deluxe Re-Issues

September 3, 2009

If you’ve been hunting down those super rare and very expensive OG pressings of Fela Kuti releases, you can now get up to speed without blowing out the budget with these soon to be released and re-issued Fela Kuti albums. Knitting Factory Records has obtained licensing for 45 of Fela’s albums and will be issuing them on cd and limited vinyl for the first time in North America. KFR will also be officially releasing the entire catalog of Fela’s first Highlife band, Koola Lobitos. Definitley worth checking out.

The Best of the Black President, drops on October 27th, and compiles thirteen of the most popular Fela compositions, all fully remastered. It will be released in two forms, one as a deluxe version including a bonus DVD.
Another Fela note: Be sure to check out and download K’naan & J. Period’s The Messengers (Episode 1:Fela Kuti) here.

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