As I mentioned in the Yeah Ghost review, there has been an evolution in Zero 7’s way of making music. had this to say: “On Yeah Ghost Zero 7 is embracing fresh ways of thinking… Their first three albums captured Sam and Henry in their zone; Yeah Ghost is them breaking free.”

THEN : Zero 7 – Destiny

“This time, from an early stage, we were clocking ourselves as we went though the steps of writing… trying to be a bit more aware of our habits and to approach the process of making a record in a different ways” – Sam

NOW : Zero 7 – Mr. Mcgee

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*Smiling from ear to ear as I listen to Zero 7‘s 4th Studio Album Yeah Ghost*
I’ve been a fan ever since I was introduced to them back in 06, yeah I was a little late, but nevertheless I caught on. Zero 7 is primarily Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, for added flavor however they feature a slew of beautiful voices. On this installment of their creativity we have Eska Mtungwazi, Martha Tilston and Rowdy Superstar to name a few. Yeah Ghost, which hits stores today is a different sound for the UK duo. Their last three albums weren’t as upbeat as this production, they were more along the lines of ambient acid jazz.. With the exception of The Road [a sweet endearing ballad], all the tracks on YG are pretty upbeat & dance club worthy, I’m excited & intrigued. It’s safe to say they have had experienced artistic growth, all while still staying true to themselves and their art form. With Yeah Ghost they will retain old fans and gain new ones, this is a hot one for 09.

As I hit the play button my ears were tuned to expect the downtempo mellow sounds like that of 2001’s Simple Things and 2004’s When It Falls. Instead I was hit with a multi tempo sound like that of their 2006 release, The Garden, from the 1st track, Count Me Out. If their new style wasn’t apparent @ the 1st track, Mr.Mcgee would be it for me. Only the 2nd song on the 11 tracked album, it opens with a strong reverb followed by a 70’s vintage soul type feel over horns, drums, and carefully placed claps & tambourines. At that point I knew I was in for a new Zero 7, throw all preconceived ears away and be re introduced.

Swing enters with the sounds of a xylophone with a quaint mellow voice leading you thru her quest of “trying to figure out how to get down”. The voice on this track is one of those you are forced to listen to because it’s subtle but captivating. The background vocals have the perfect measure of ‘upbeatness’ w/o being corny over the simplistic percussion the song had to offer. As it opened with the xylophone it also faded with it, maintaining the playful tone of the track.

Honestly I could discuss each track because they all are from a different genre. Sleeper and Everything Up would be the electro-pop tracks, very dance party worthy… electric guitar, warped sounds, and necessary keyboard magic for electronic perfection. Pop Art Blue is the folk alternative track, think Beatles meets Postal Service. I imagine they were travelling when they wrote this one, it sounds like it was inspired. Medicine Man, lol, get ready to polka in a 2009 pop kinda way. [I know that’s an accordion I hear.] Ghost Symbol, aptly fitted with the ghastly sounding singer, this will be the fix for your broken beat needs. With a wicked electro tech riff, drum snares and echoes this is another potential clubbers dream. Solastalgia, an instrumental, makes me wish I paid attention in music class. The instrumentation that takes place here is nothing but ‘soundscapey’ melodic heaven. Closing out with a drumline’s dream sequence; All of Us with its infectious percussion, seals the deal on the album being a well put together body of work.

The overall feel of the album is a music head’s dream. Upbeat and filled with diversity, whether you have an established relationship with Zero 7’s work or not, it will have you hooked. It is for that reason, along with it’s replayAbility that Pink Bubblegum gives Yeah Ghost 5.5/7 Head Nods.
Head Nod Scale
1=Don’t waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there’s “two and a possible”.
5=It’s a “good” album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the “Rewind Factor” more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

InLove – For Minnie Riperton

September 29, 2009

I promise you I was just laughing at Michael Baisden pronouncing Minnie’s last name as Rippleton anytime he says her name and yesterday. However, the DJ Cam produced, InLOve sung, For Minnie Riperton is no joke indeed…
They start it out with some “early Prince era” drum programming and then break it down into some Slave all while keeping it jazzy. Sexy to say the least

InLOve is a musician and dancer turned model. At 20 she met DJ Cam and they collaborated on one of my favorite projects, SoulShine, which yielded the million selling single Summer in Paris. Her new album, Stories, is in stores now and is entirely produced by DJ Cam

InLove – For Minnie Riperton

We’ve been keeping you up to date on HudMo for awhile here at BamaLoveSoul.Com. Here’s Tell Me What You Want From Me from his new album Butter. Also check out these remixes he did of Ashanti and Tweet here at HoneySoul.Com and pick up the album October 13, 2009.
“We aint tryna play no Games with you. Can you Dig It? Well Alright!”

Hudson Mohawke – Tell Me What You Want From Me feat Dam Funk

Sa-Ra – Love Czars II

September 29, 2009

New Sa-Ra featuring Jay Electronica! This is not a typo. You get Jay’s full verse in this snippet and you can hear the full interview between Om’Mas Keith and Gilles HERE.
Come to find out from our peeps over at Moovmnt “that this is a very special limited release with the music on one side and the Serato tone on the flip of some very pink vinyl!” This special vinyl will also feature Ta’Raach and a tune named Powder Bump. Go to Moovmnt to check out studio snippets of both tracks

Sa-Ra – Love Czars II feat Jay Electronica (BBC Radio 1)

MORE: Check out Straight No Chaser’s interview with Shafiq Husayn HERE
Here’s a tribute by Primo to the recently departed Grandmaster Roc Raida that was spotted over at DJ Premier’s blog. Remember to live your life to the fullest y’all; Tomorrow isn’t promised

DJ Premier – Roc Raida Tribute

Mick Boogie presents Paulie Rhyme: Less than Zero is a 15 track opus of an emcee’s take on being bred in the Midwest and breakthrough in the Bay. Paulie Rhyme has been touring steadily since 2005 (Guy on the Couch, Green Giants, Ice Bears, etc.) hitting the road in the US, Canada, & Japan with acts such as Hezekiah (Beat Society), Prince Po(Organized Konfusion), and more. With a strong D.I.Y. work ethnic and rooted in the teaching of the Zulu Nation, Rhyme is definitely aimed to move the crowd, rock the spot, and uplift your spirit. With a combination of soul, boom bap, lyrics, and thought provoking concepts, Less than Zero is a must have and gives the listener a full view of what is to come in the future.

Featuring production by Keelay & Zaire, Vinroc, King Most, AmosFamous, Rey Resurreccion, Besto, Tone X, Deedot, Joe Dukes,Soundtruck, with guest appearances by Raashan Ahmad, Drastic, Prophthe Problem, Wonway, Edreys aka Billy Drease, Knobody, Khai Sharrieff,Do. D.A.T., Da Evangillest, K-Swift, Solis Cin, Enoch, Inkfat,Wreckelekt & Dj Rod Roc.

Download HERE

This is the second leak from Senor Kaos’ new project “Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick” which will be released this Wednesday September 30th, 2009. Features New York City emcees Von Pea of the group Tanya Morgan, and Homeboy Sandman. Song produced by Supa Dave West

Senor Kaos – 20 Years High & Rising (Homage To De La Soul) feat Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman
We turned you on to the Chicago duo Innosphere HERE. They’re back with a 21st century remake of a 1978 Rufus/Chaka Khan classic, Everlasting Love.

The million plus selling, grammy nominated album, Ask Rufus, was an experimental one for the group. “For example, for the first time Chaka sings in a very low octave at the beginning of the song Everlasting Love. During an interview, after the album’s release, she stated that she wanted to explore the lower ranges in her voice.”

Check out the original and let us know your thoughts

Innosphere – Everlasting Love

Rufus – Everlasting Love

We try to keep y’all up on new music but sometimes even WE ARE behind though. Spotted over at the Frolab, here’s a “new” song from Coultrain & Wajeed. The song is We Gotta Have Peace featuring The Afro’s & Curls Orchestra! Download it and check for Coultrain & Wajeed’s upcoming Nuggets project for the UK Universal Music.

Coultrain & Wajeed ft. The Afro’s & Curls Orchestra – We Gotta Have Peace