As if releasing their new album Extensions wasn’t enough, Marc Mac brings us Escapism. What to expect: 4Hero type remixes, rare grooves, electronica, smooth jazz… it’s dope. It is the perfect day opener; the rhythms, the melodies… I’m having a Calgon moment, it’s really taking me away…

Marc Mac – Escapism

For more 4Hero info, to purchase & to download go HERE
This soul brother has been a breath of fresh air to my ears since I 1st heard “Green” back in 08 HERE. His music sets him apart from the rest in an industry where everyone sounds alike, and they’re singing about the same uninteresting stories. With an unforgettable /unmistakable voice, powerful & relatable lyrical content, and stellar production, [his 1st album] The Adventures of Seymour Liberty was a 2008 classic in the Nu Soul scene. If you’ve never heard of him, let me stress how great his artistry is by stating that the Platinum Pied Pipers scooped him up as their lead vocalist for Abundance… it made perfect sense, they only work with the best. I patiently wait for new material from him, more so an album. We posted 2 new tracks in September to hold the fans over til a new album rears its beautiful head. 🙂 Feel free to check out all our Coultrain related posts HERE. He recently made himself available to the lovers of good music on the social networks, so hit him up on Facebook or Twitter, and patronize his Myspace page for new tracks.

Coultrain – Self Pity

Who is Coultrain?

PPP – Ain’t No If’s Or Maybes

PPP: Meet the Cast #2 – Coultrain

Exile and DJ Day performed at the legendary Root Down in Los Angeles, CA and debuted their Michael Jackson “Thriller” routine, in honor of MJ as well as an ode to Halloween.

Peep this first ever performance of this particular routine, and lookout for more to come.

It’s time for Jaafar’s second single to be released and So For Real Productions is making sure you pay attention! Just listen to this remix from the already dope, Everytime. Haven’t heard the original? Well, go buy the album already or peep it on the Fudge Muffin Mix

JaafarEverytime (Electric Soul Remix)

Here’s a new one from Byron the Aquarius. This Luxury Life album he’s working on looks like it’s shaping up to be LARGE; There hasn’t been one track he’s sent me that I’m not feeling! Album sampler coming soon and Luxury Life is scheduled for a 2010 release
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Byron the Aquarius – Galactic Freak

As the night draws near to a close this mix seems to be fitting in quite nicely so I had to share. We told you about Anthony Valadez dropping his debut album Audio/Visual HERE, and now we have a mix to entice you some more. DJ Destroyer did a 15min sample mix to get you going, get you warmed up and ready for the real thing, and he doesn’t disappoint. This is a groove you can go ahead and leave on repeat…

DJ Destroyer – Anthony Valadez Audio/Visual Sample Mix

Philadelphia International was a musical powerhouse during the 70s and mid 80s. Some of their extraordinary acts were more than just performers, such as Dexter Wansel who oversaw a lot of artist’s album including The Jones Girls. He’s also credited with Executive Producing Jean Carn’s 1979 album, When I find You Love. Eddie Levert of The OJay’s also contributed to Jean’s album as a producer on the stepping My Love Don’t Come Easy. This is one that will definitely get the feets moving on the dancefloor, once you get past the 40 second sax intro that is

Jean Carn – Intro/My Love Don’t Come Easy

Leon Haywood revitalized Carl Carlton’s career with the Grammy nominated ode to the female form, She’s a Bad Mama Jama. As usual, the B-Side has an equally dope tune although much more subdued than She’s a Bad Mama Jama. The Leon Haywood produced flip, This Feeling’s Rated X-Tra, puts me in the mind of Tyrone Davis’ 1975 classic In the Mood. It’s primarily the horns and the guitar licks but also just the mellow midtempo smoothness of the track. Leon cut an alternate version of the track on his 1975 Come and Get Yourself Some album that you can check out HERE

Carl Carlton – This Feeling’s Rated X-Tra

I saw a video a few months ago with Erykah Badu mentioning that “Michael Jackson is a part of our DNA”. I found her statement to be true, whether you look at the structure and culture of pop and R&B music, metaphorically speaking, or at our individual physical/genealogical makeup.

After reading the Going For Self article by Rico Washington in the newest Wax Poetics N° 37 MJ issue, Erykah’s words rang true once again after I found myself getting chills at the thoughts of how these artists came together and wrote these beautiful songs for Michael. Stories by producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff (Philedelphia International Records), songwriters James Ingram (P.Y.T. – Pretty Young Thing), Siedah Garrett (Man In The Mirror), Susaye Greene (I Can’t Help It), Leon Ware (I Wanna Be Where You Are), and Marsha Ambrosius (Butterflies), tell of the passion, love, professionalism, and humbleness that these writers and Michael possessed during the creation, development, and recording of these classic tunes.
This piece also sheds light on the importance of songwriters, how they can help shape the life and career of an artist, and then touch the world, as did Michael Jackson with his collaborators.

Needless to say, the entire issue is a gem for collectors (I heard they are moving fast), but is also a treasure for fans who have a part of Michael inside of them, as most of us do.

Available at, Charlemagne Records (Birmingham, Alabama) and at fine record and book stores near you.

New music from one of my favorite emcees in the Native Tongues Crew. His new album, From the Black Pool of Genius in stores soon and he dropped the single on his twtr page.
Also, check as he keeps the myth going of an upcoming Native Tongues tour. You know Dana Owens Queen Latifah won’t be anywhere around…but still the thought of a reunion tour would be nice

Dres (of The Black Sheep) – FOREVERLUVLEE