What to Buy Pt 2: Meshell Ndegeocello – Devils Halo

October 6, 2009

“Canonized, marginalized or just scrutinized, Meshell Ndegeocello has given up trying to explain herself. After 20 years in an industry that has called her everything from avantgarde to a dying breed, what unquestionably remains is the fearsome bassist, prolific songwriter and the creativity and curiosity of an authentic musical force. With that, she has earned critical acclaim, the unfailing respect of fellow players, songwriters and composers, and the dedication of her diverse, unclassifiable fans.

Devil’s Halo, Meshell’s 8th album and her first for Mercer Street, harkens back to the way records used to be made: no click track or electronic synthetics, with a focus on musicianship and live band energy. Meshell feels that Devil’s Halo represents a return to a place that she truly appreciates, music that is created and performed by people’s hands. Produced by Meshell and guitarist Chris Bruce, and influenced by a wide breadth of sounds – from The Human League to Wu Tang to Yes – Devil’s Halo displays Meshell’s vocals and diversity throughout.
Meshell says of Devil’s Halo, ‘I guess I’ve ended up believing in the gray area, the dichotomies and the unknowable. This record is all about contrast – then and now, raw and polished, beats and harmonies, Devil’s Halo, good in evil in all things. I know some people want more of what they’ve heard and I know other people want the envelope pushed every time and I feel like this record makes peace with all of them’. She adds, ‘I love heavy bass and dub and beats, but I also sit and play the piano and write a song inspired by a pub in Dublin. I’m not representing anymore – I’m a musician, that’s all I can offer. Each record is just meant to say: here’s where that’s led me today.’

Purchase this and I promise that you will believe every word she said. This is a true artist’s album and you can tell that it was created with no boundaries (in a good way). Check out ONE of my favorites from the album

Meshell Ndegeocello – Love You Down


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