G5 Clive – Reign Cheque (Download)

October 7, 2009

So its not a mixtape. Its a movie.
Reign Cheque. Starring Clive. G5 Clive.
Co-Starring M1 Platoon.

We been legendary. Stay Conscious. Since birth. The Score is provided by picture-painting producers ranging from.. Matt Cody of How Hood Records., Vaughn Garcia & Napalm of the M1 Platoon, Fundamental of Good Company, Metaphysical of MATHPANDA, Johhy5 as well as Banquo Bangs.

The imagery provided from the sounds caused for just words. Vivid diction. I tried to portray 4 minute scenes that felt like full-length films. BIG songs. The mixtape is 22 songs deep. 1.3 hrs according to iTUNES. It feels much shorter.

reign –noun1. the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne.2. royal rule or authority; sovereignty.——- Also, British, Cheque. Banking. a written order, usually on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money.

We know who we are. We know where we came from. Sometimes we need a reminder. That we were kings. That our women were queens. And they ruled too. Always held it down when we could and couldn’t. It’s 2009. Real is returning. Somehow, Someway.
Download HERE

G5 Clive – Life Goes On


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