RAtheMC – Trending Topics

October 9, 2009

“Pick a subject…RAtheMC’s new mixtape Trending Topics covers it all.
After a day of 600 downloads and climbing, Strange Music dominates the underground roundtable discussion with RAtheMC’s fifth project, Trending Topics.
The leading lady of the DMV hip-hop scene runs a great debate on the EP, executive produced by the unmistakable Judah. Match that with the finest of Washington DC’s producers and lyricist then top it with host Mick Boogie of “The Press Play Show” and rappers across the board have something serious to talk about.”
“I’m super excited about this project. Its a very introspective mixtape that speaks about a lot of the challenges I’ve dealt with in the past year… It’s fun, hard, real hip-hop!…..I hope the listeners enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it.” – RAtheMC

I enjoyed listening to the album, the beats had me hooked more than her rapping. You be the judge…


RAtheMc – I Know


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