Snow Patrol – Late Night Tales Nov 3rd

October 19, 2009

Snow Patrol presents the world with an impeccably selected and mixed Late Night Tales, which will see release in the United States on November 3rd. If you think you know Snow Patrol, think again. Of course, there’s the band who are capable of outselling the Arctic Monkeys, getting numerous nominations for Brits, and monopolising the upper reaches the charts with alarming regularity with their superior song theory and balladeering. This Snow Patrol has enjoyed platinum sales of their ‘Eyes Open’ album (in both UK and USA) and musical appearances on everything from Spiderman 3 to Grey’s Anatomy. This Snow Patrol has toured with U2, performed at Live Earth and appeared on Saturday Night Live. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.
There’s also another Snow Patrol about which you may know little. The Snow Patrol that concerns us here are the musical aesthetes with fathom-deep record collections, the broad knowledge of the record obsessive and the deft selection skills of seasoned DJs. They are, of course, all of these things and a few more besides.The Snow Patrol pair assigned with the task here, Tom Simpson and Gary Lightbody, know their way round their collections and are old hands at that grubby DJing caper. And it shows. The mix is bookended by a pair of beauties, beginning with the unusually ethereal ‘Observatory Crest’ by Captain Beefheart with its chiming guitars and Rhodes-drenched backing track. The end is signaled by John Martyn’s ‘Sweet Little Mystery’ from the big man’s 1980 LP ‘Grace & Danger’. A fitting tribute for a fallen comrade.
Read MORE and get tracklistng HERE

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