Diamond District – Gully

November 5, 2009

Celebrating their recent release, the members of DMV’s luminary hip-hop trio Diamond District take fans back to their birth, re-introducing the track “Gully” off of emcee/producer Oddisee’s album Foot in the Door. This percussive, up-tempo track marks the first time that Oddissee, YU, and X.O. ever came together to create the signature sound that now defines this dynamic threesome. Oddissee’s grooving drum track and dragging, behind-the-beat melody underlie the three emcees as they take turns spitting their respective verses, creating the effortless chemistry that now is Diamond District. This track, released in 2006, was the beginning; the cornerstone to this group’s development. YU’s lyric says it all. “In a cocoon like a butterfly, before the wings, never thinking like a peasant, I was born a king.”

Diamond District – Gully

In addition to “Gully,” Diamond District recently recorded a video with all three showing their lyrical dexterity a cappella style, like true emcees do. XO and YU set off the cipher with strong deliveries and tongue twisting punch lines while Oddisee ends the session off with a scorcher, “I doubt they’ll ever cross over to the rap game so they rootin’ for me yellin’ cuz get a plaque mang, done and I don’t even want the rap fame, it’s a by-product when you always give a track flames, One.”
Check out “Gully” and all other tracks off Diamond District’s newest release, In The Ruff, available now on CD and digital download via Mello Music Group.


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