Hawthorne Headhunter : Live at the BBQ Pt.2

November 5, 2009

Loving this HVW8 pod & I wanna say much love to c.blak for clueing me in. This pod ladies & gentlemen is live and has all the vibes that come from a live set. Ad-libbing, free styling, and figuring isht out is what is taking place and I love it!

“Once again gracing the HVW8 stage, originally coming from that special place between Long Beach and Los Angeles (Hawthorne, Ca), we have the Hawthorne Headhunters! The crew, including the additions of Jimi James, Coultrain, Stopha and TeLuv on vocals, are all on hand to give us more of what they started on the podcast about a year ago. Here we are for round 2. In the mix we hear full tracks from the current Hawthorne Headhunters EP release along with bits of solo material, inspirations for future work and, until now, unreleased works being refined for future projects with HVW8 Records. You heard it from us first. Full track listing available soon.”

~HVW8 Records.
Listen, watch clips from the set, and download HERE
Coultrain/Black Spade – What Time it Was (Live)

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