Nneka – The Unconfortable Truth

November 7, 2009

Although you may have just heard of her, Nneka is not a new artist. She’s been around and her talents stretch from teardrop soul-singing to freestyle rapping. Every year since her musical career took off in 2005, Afro-German warrior princess Nneka has built on her successes, stretched her muscles, and widened her range.
Nneka’s music has a big splash of Bob Marley in the recipe, a measure of Nina Simone and a lick of Erykah Badu. Her US debut, Concrete Jungle, is an offering of love, hope and optimism dedicated to the people of Warri & the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Holding it all together is the focus of her beautiful voice, located in a place somewhere between yearning and rage. This EP, ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’ is just a slice of what’s to come.
It’s a testament to the strength of Nneka’s talent that her success so far is based on word of mouth, on the quality of her albums and the intensity of her live performance. Her audience now numbers hundreds of thousands across two continents, and those listeners are people who have tracked her down, because there will always be a demand for music that does more than just entertain, but touches something universal

– The Uncomfortable Truth

Giant Step Presents SVEDKA Vodka Sessions #4: an evening with Nneka, making her Los Angeles debut performance, and special guest DJ Vikter Duplaix. Click pic to RSVP and go HERE to download Vikter Duplaix’s new single Electric Love


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