Donn T – Look At (What U Startin)

November 10, 2009

Pleased I am to come across [new to me, but maybe familiar to you;] Donn T. We gave you a taste of her voice here when we posted Exit Music some months ago. Since then I’ve familiarized myself with her Myspace page and musical accomplishments & affiliations. With years in the industry, she has a lot of respect from her peers and is a voice to be reckoned with. As a songwriter and backup singer Donn T. is in no way a newbie in this game, it is time however, for her to be seen & heard in the forefront where she belongs. She has an unmistakable sound and vibe which will definitely show in her upcoming album scheduled to be released in Feb 2010. Produced in 8days by French producer Simbad, her songs have an engaging organic and eclectic feel. Here’s a taste…
Donn T – Look At (What u Startin)

“Genres may vary. What is consistent is I am a music head with a bent towards voices and lyrics. Rich voices, unusual or non-traditional ones, draw me in. I am inspired a lot by tone and what is being said. Nina Simone , Donny Hathaway, Sade, Jeff Buckley, Bilal, Duffy, MIA, M’shell Ndegeochello… They each have a unique voices. They open their mouths, and you expect to hear something different than what comes out. I like to hear something that is not expected, to be surprised.” ~ Donn T

She stood up to her own definition of great music and that will give her longevity…

Donn T – Kisses

Check her out on Myspace, follow her on Twitter !

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