Fleur Earth ‘Am Boden’

November 10, 2009

By now you should already know my love for international soul music. I’ve posted songs by Japanese, Swedish, French, and even Spanish artists, but recently I came across something completely interesting, German soul! Who knew?! German isn’t the most beautiful or soulful language on the planet but Fleur Earth makes it work for her on her new album ‘Es Entstehen Wesen‘ (loosely translated to ‘Developing Nature.’) She’s been billed in some circles as the German Erykah Badu and after listening to a few tracks I can tell why. The way she sings over a carefully crafted and mastered selection of smooth headnodding beats makes me overlook any and all language barriers. ‘Am Boden’ (At The Ground) is a smooth track that makes me wish I had a lyric book and German to English dictionary so I can understand every word. And after listening to a few tracks of her album yourself you’d wish for the same too. Check her out.

Fleur Earth ‘Am Boden’

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