Melo-X – Get it Up feat Nikki NTU

November 11, 2009

Melo-X sez ,”Wass good peeps. Long time no see.

I been in the Lab working on a lot of music this past summer and fall. This year has been so productive for me with the success of my music, shows, and parties. I wanted to end the year off with some good new music. I’m not the type of artist to release music frequently with no plan or reason other than just having music out. It makes no sense too me. So since I have a lot of Music stashed up I figured I’d end the year right. From now till January I’ll be putting out a lot of music produced by me. This is to Build up for my First official Instrumental Album Dropping Next year called Sonic Intercourse. Be on the look out.

This track is called Get It Up feat. Nikki NTU and produced by me. It is from a project that I worked very hard on this past summer. Take a listen and turn up the bass on ya speakers. Stay tuned for a itunes release of Nikki NTU’s first EP “A History of Dreams” (Download Link) scheduled for next year spring.

Melo-X – Get it Up feat Nikki NTU


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