Athletic Mic League ReReleases their Catalog!

November 25, 2009

For those who don’t know, the Athletic Mic League (aka AML) is a 7-man collective that eventually lead to the solo-careers of Buff1, 14KT and Mayer Hawthorne. Despite the recent success of those solo-endeavors, AML is still a collective, a family, and they plan on releasing an album in 2010!

To end 2009, AML has decided to release their complete catalog digitally over the next few weeks. Beginning today, AML has released both “Feel Good EP” and “Isolation” into the digital world. Feel Good EP –Originally released in 2002, this EP served as a segue into the release of the full-length album Sweats & Kicks — released earlier this year on iTunes. Isolation EP –Released in 2005, Isolation was a project where each artist decided to showcase their skills on the solo-tip. Also includes the posse cut “I N Team” Here’s a track from each project. “Feels Good” from the Feel Good EP and Buff1’s “Go ‘Head” from Isolation

Athletic Mic League – Go ‘Head

Athletic Mic League – Feels Good

Next week look for the digital release of Jungle Gym Jungle as well as an unreleased AML video from the vaults…AND Buff1’s project “It’s a 1derful Life” dropping Wednesday, December 2nd! Which happens to be Buff1’s Birthday!


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