JSBL – Twice Upon Two Times

December 3, 2009

Twice upon two times, there were … okay, okay no fairy tales now. This is JSBL and this is an introduction of their Debut EP “Twice Upon Two Times“. Jacob’s Salty & Bamboozling Ladder is a musical experience of the next dimension and consists of Dorian Conecpt, The Clonious, Cid Rim & Willi Rosner .

Jacob’s ladder represents a path to heaven that takes it down a road to never- ending musical evolution. Disregarding the religious connotation, it’s the symbolic character of this funky ladder that counts. Speaking of Funk, this ladder is a bit salty too. Because the way up is obviously hard, it gets you well sweaty. Bamboozling, on the other hand, is characteristic of the band’s ability to surprise and reinvent. Regardless whether the outcome is spontaneous or composed.

Rekindle of the Libido is a story, listen to it and you will partake in a musical journey that starts off with a Contemporary Flow Bop and ends in a dramatic Cyberfunk Orgy. Are you ready?

JSBL – Rekindle of the Libido


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