Late Pass #29: Donnie – Rocketship

December 7, 2009

In 2002, Atlanta based artist, Donnie released The Colored Section, a throwback to a time of message based music that you could move to. From start to finish, The Colored Section had you nodding your head to the beat while taking in the lyrics to positive self image promoting tracks like Cloud 9. There were several songs that took off immediately for Donnie, Do You Know and Cloud 9, which were produced by Steve “The Scotsman” Harvey who produced the majority of the album. However, there were 3 more producers for The Colored Section: IG Culture, Mel Johnson and Justin Ellington. It was Justin, that produced one of my favorites from the album, Rocketship, a tune about a long distance love that reminds me of some of Donny Hathaway’s more upbeat tunes that Justin adds just the right amount of bounce to. Enjoy and pick up The Colored Section if you haven’t already…

Donnie – Rocketship


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