For Doz That Slept: Jay Electronica

December 13, 2009

I never paid much attention to Jay Electronica. There, I said it. I figured the only reason he was getting so much media attention was because of his romantic connection w/ Ms. Badu. The thing is, I can never forget about him because he’s always in my face, in an article in my favorite magazine or on a website I frequent. I’ve picked up several of his releases but have never felt he was deserving of the onslaught of media attention that he’s garnered. Yesterday, DJ Jamad and I were discussing hip hop artists that were still relevant or were pushing the envelope and he dropped the name: Jay Electronica.

I decided to actually devote some time to this MC that has silently exploded onto the scene. I picked up two mixes/compilations: What the Fu*k is a Jay Electronica and Electrochemicals as well as the (well deserved) attention grabbing Exhibit C. I must say that I’m glad that I decided to get better acquainted with Jay’s music. If you’ve never been introduced to Jay Electronica or need more convincing, download the above referenced mixes HERE and listen to Exhibit C below and if you’re already a fan, you can complete your Jay Electronica collection HERE

Jay Electronica – Exhibit C (prod. Just Blaze)


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