SandPeople – Can It All Be So Simple +

December 18, 2009

For El Michels Affair and Wu Tang Clan fans, the release of the Enter the 38th Chamber project is a dream come true. And the next single “Can It All Be So Simple“, featuring the lyrical stylings of Portland natives, Sandpeople, is guaranteed to satisfy fans worldwide. Often described as “a beautiful fusion of talent and dependencies” this ten member gathering of hip-hop artists take the classic urban track and add their own flavor.

Emcee Gold, one of the Sandpeople members, had this to say on the creation of the track “I pictured the record as being one part “an ode to” and one part “our take on the concept”. I figured we should embellish on the lines that made the song so timeless and with sapient singing the hook it brought everything full circle.” Mission accomplished.

SandPeople – Can It All Be So Simple

and HERE’s one I forgot to throw up, Del the Funkee Homosapien – Bring tha Ruckus


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