BLOKHEDZ Animation Trailer, Book + More

December 23, 2009

Set in the mythical, gang-ridden streets of Empire City, BLOKHEDZ is the animated story of teenage rapper, Blak. With the help of his crew, “G-Pak”, Blak fights off temptations of the streets and dreams of making it big in the rap game. But when he gets caught in the middle of a crime-lord-turned-media-mogul’s plan to control the city, Blak discovers his rhymes have supernatural abilities. Will Blak stay true to himself and use his magical gifts for good? Or will he be lured into using them for evil? The fate of Empire City hangs in the balance.

This discovery may be deserving of a “Late Pass“, but I had to share anyways..This comic book turned animated series is pretty slick. The graphics and story are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, featuring the voices of Talib Kweli, Bobbito Garcia, RZA, Affion Crockett, Mayda Del Valle, Lauren London, and DJ Khalil on the beats. Go to to check out the 3 part animated series and to go to the store (if you haven’t already), complete with books, action figures and more. Hey, better late than never right?

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