Dwele plays the original Dilla tunes that are used to create Workin On It from Sketches of a Man and sez,
“for the people that didnt understand the “sporaticness” . . .is that a word??. . the sporatic changes. . .of the song. here are the originals…i tried to get all of them, but it was movin too fast…
for the people that didnt understand the “sporaticness” . . .is that a word??. . the sporatic changes. . .of the song. here are the originals…i tried to get all of them, but it was movin too fast for me,gotta get my dj game up, gimmie 2 months. . . ”

What better way to transition from LIVE audio week to Dilla tribute week and get y’all ready for Dilla Day 2010 than this Mos Def and Robert Glasper led tribute to J Dilla in Ann Arbor. Enjoy!
01. Black Radio
02. Fantastic
03. The $
04. Interlude
05. E=MC2
06. Jam
07. Ms. Fat Booty
08. The Look of Love
09. Players
10. Bass Solo
11. Jam
12. Interlude
13. Paint The World
14. Interlude
15. Stakes Is High
16. Fall In Love

Mos Def x Roberet Glasper – Dilla tribute LIVE in Ann Arbor (2008) (Download)

This beautiful track was sent to me via Soundcloud by The Minigolf Pharaos. I love it when you have low/no expectations for a track and it completely exceeds your expectations. Free & Here For contains clever usage of Pillowtalk and great transitions between movements. I cant wait to hear more from these cats. Enjoy

The Minigolf Pharaos – Free & Here For

Whoa!!! That was my first reaction when I first heard this! SLik D aka Dallas Duncan is a kid from the left coast just trying to be heard. Well we hear you loud and clear. A Coming February 28th 2010. SLik d’s third installment to his Vibes collection ‘Midnight Vibes‘ presented by Apple Juice Break, is a compilation of groovy headnodding beats and dope lyrics all revolving around the magic midnight hour. Featuring production from Polyester The Saint, Elaquent, and to SLik d himself. This is sure to be a cool vibe to cruise to late at night! Check out the promo video produced by SLik D featuring a dope flip of The Boondocks theme.

SLik d – Midnight Vibes/Boondocks Season 3 Promo (2.28.10)

Bonus: SLik d presents Summer Vibes (Download)

Peep Da CATALOG! Is a series of Free downloads that I will post from my catalog in attempts to introduce my FB peeps that are not so in tune to my extensive catalog of albums/songs from 1996 – Present! Stay Tuned! This is going to be FUN!” – John Robinson
Download the first entry, Scienz of Life’s Build Wit Me Feat. Baretta 9 (Of Killer Army)HERE

Scienz of Life Build Wit Me Feat. Baretta 9 (Of Killer Army) by John Robinson

From Jewn Sabbath’s 2007 album Absinthe Minded. He enlisted former Pharcyde member Tre Hardson to drop some lines on one of my all time favorite samples. Enjoy

Jewn Sabbath – Babble On feat Tre Hardson

Audiocentric Unplugged is a free EP recorded by the instrumental duo Nicholas Kopernicus in conjunction with Laid-back radio and Photographer/videographer Carlito Brigante. Get the free download of Audiocentric Unplugged HERE

Nicholas Kopernicus – Commentariolus (Unplugged)

Kidz In The Hall are embarking on their next journey into the Land of Make Believe. For Naledge, MC of Kidz In The Hall, he sees the project as “the moment we have worked for has come to a crossroad. We strive for success in this music industry, but we have never taken time to look ourselves in the mirror and analyze what this industry has made us. As a lyricist, I used this album to serve as a soundtrack to my aspirations and to my downfalls, but also as a chance to evaluate who I am as a man compared to whom I envisioned myself to be.”

Land of Make Believe, is a timely reminder for us all to take a step back and analyze how we can strive to be better and achieve more. Includes co-production by Just Blaze, and appearances by MC Lyte, Marsha Ambrosius & more

(All tracks produced by Double-O and the LP includes no samples

Bun B – Pants on the Ground (prod by Double O)
This wont appear on the album but I dig it
SMKA’s The 808 Experiment (Download) is an annual compilation, produced entirely by SMKA, which showcases the immense talent and diversity that exists in hip-hop…and especially Atlanta. Though a majority of the artists are from Atlanta, this project features artists from all over the states, and abroad. The project features unknown artists, well-established artists and up-and-coming buzz artists, which makes it a truly unique compilation of music.

Artist include Tanya Morgan, Hollyweerd, Outasight, Senor Kaos, Fresh Daily, Rahbi, Shawn Chrystopher, Nappy Roots

Kidd Neer, Señor Kaos, Fresh Daily – Light You Fire (Produced By SMKA) (Download)

Teaming up with fellow Emerald City native and frequent collaborator B.Brown, D.Black is gearing up to release a brand new (and free!) EP entitled Black and Brown – D.Black will be handling all the vocals, while producer B.Brown provides the beats. In anticipation of the release, D.Black is leaking the first song from the forthcoming EP for public consumption. “Special” (Download) is about taking a stand against the destructive ways that most people live their lives. “We got a generation dying over wealth, but we constantly chasing our self,” raps D.Black. It showcases the lyrical skills and sophistication you have come to expect from D.Black, smooth production by B.Brown, and features a guest spot from fellow Sportn’ Life Records labelmate MC Fatal Lucciauno. The trio prove that, just in case you weren’t sure, Sportn’ Life Records and MYX Music Label are a force to be reckoned with.

D.Black – Special feat Fatal Lucciauno